From £71,4758
Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

Big grand touring coupés like the 8 Series are not as numerous in the luxury segment as once they were. BMW gets little credit for pricing the car so as to look better value than an equivalent Mercedes S-Class Coupé, a Bentley Continental GT or an Aston Martin DB11 because, frankly, you’d expect as much. That an 840d will set you back almost exactly as much as an entry-level Lexus LC500h hybrid might be the best guide that this is a competitively priced car.

It will be made to look less competitive by the time Munich gets around to introducing the four-door Gran Coupe version, however. On the basis of these coupé prices, an 840d Gran Coupe is likely to be set at a 25% premium compared with a Mercedes CLS 400d or an Audi A7 Sportback 50 TDI.

840d is expected to retain value almost as well as hybrid Lexus LC - but a hybrid Panamera is stronger still.

On touring economy, though – the BMW’s ownership case is strong indeed. Our car averaged almost 40mpg on test and, on our 70mph cruising economy test route, almost topped an indicated 50mpg. That suggests it should be well capable of putting 700 miles between fills.