From £38,7056

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

The official figures from Audi say 31mpg combined and 212g/km CO2 (so not quite in the max-tax, gas-guzzler zone), and for once our test mpg wasn't too far off. Our Audi RS3 averaged 28mpg overall, although fuel economy is down to single figures when the engine is being worked hard.

The idea of getting £70 in change after handing over £40,000 for a hot hatchback – any hot hatchback – will discourage plenty of people from further interest in the RS3, but when you consider the car’s performance, that price isn’t so crazy.

When you consider the performance, the price isn't crazy

Order an RS3 today and your friendly Audi salesman will quickly point out that it’s a car with the engine from an Audi TT RS for several thousand pounds less than the coupé. And that it’s more usable.

Not that you could order an RS3 today. Officially, the UK allocation for this car has been sold out, although cancelled orders and speculator’s cars are sure to be available in limited numbers.

And the limited availability of the RS3 should make residuals strong – stronger, certainly, than those of bigger and more powerful RS models.