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The new A6 Avant doesn’t have quite the load-carrying ability of rivals, but it’s a frugal, decent drive
20 July 2011

What is it?

Audi’s all-new A6 has impressed us so far in saloon form, without revolutionising the segment. This predictable, but nevertheless smartly attractive Avant should do the same, with estimated sales only slightly less than those of the saloon variant.

Like the saloon, the Avant features a combination of steel and aluminium in its construction; it’s up to 80kg lighter than before, and holds a useful weight advantage over its BMW and Mercedes rivals.

Behind the rear hatch is 565-litres of load space, five litres more than the BMW 5-series but a long way short of the E-class. With the 60:40 rear seats folded flat the Mercedes massively increases that advantage (1,950-litres) over the A6 (1,680), and even the Beemer offers 1,760. Clearly, the Audi won’t be your choice if ultimate load-0carrying ability is paramount.

What’s it like?

Although the 2.0-litre TDI engine is the entry model, as with the saloon, it’s arguably the pick of the range with less weight, front-wheel drive and the standard six-speed manual ’box.

Now with 175bhp, and more importantly a significant boost in torque to 280lb ft, it offers all the performance required in daily driving with excellent all-round refinement. The Avant isn’t enthralling, but its handling is far more composed than previous A6 models, and even the ride, on the standard 17-inch rims and steel springs, is decent.

Inside, the perception of quality is very high, with a warmer, more fluid design - particularly if you’re bold enough to choose one of the more unusual wood finishes and trim colours.

At £32,100 for the SE, 75 per cent of Avant sales are expected to be for the 2.0 TDI. That’s £1,200 more than the outgoing model, but Audi claims you get extra kit worth £2,000; certainly, the standard spec is impressive with full leather, sat-nav and Drive Select included. Even more importantly, at 56.5mpg combined and 132g/km of C02, the Avant has a key, if small, edge in running costs over its rivals.

Should I buy one?

Not a car to blow the mind this Avant, then, but an impressive overall package of abilities.


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Audi A6 Avant 2.0 TDI SE

Price: £32,100; Top speed: 138mph; 0-62mph: 9.0sec; Economy: 56.5mpg combined; Co2: 132g/km; Kerbweight: 1,640kg; Engine type, cc: turbodiesel, 1,968cc; Power: 175bhp at 4200rpm; Torque: 280lb ft at 1750-2500rpm; Gearbox: 6-speed manual

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21 July 2011

Certainly, from the report, it appears to be a much more rounded car than it's predecessor and other models (notably the A4) in Audi's repertoire.

With the likes of the 5 series loosing the ride and handling plot a little over recent years, the gap seems to be narrowing and for the average driver this looks to be an enticing package.

21 July 2011

Middle rear seat looks useless for anyone with legs. I notice these things with 3 kids. Apart from that I quite like the look of it. Although I'd probably go for a top of the range superb with 4x4 and have a nice holiday with the difference.

21 July 2011

Automotive white goods!

21 July 2011

it's true, you'd get about five grand for your holiday in your pocket by doing that but for me I think i'd find it easier to live with the Audi long term and might consider passing on the two week holiday instead.

21 July 2011

[quote MattDB]Automotive white goods![/quote]

More De Dietrich than Beko but I take your point. Comes under the category of 'nice to own' but not the choice for a weekend blast.

I have to say that a bi-turbo 3.0 TDI avant would fit into our lives very nicely, though...

21 July 2011

[quote theother]Although I'd probably go for a top of the range superb with 4x4[/quote][quote theother]Middle rear seat looks useless for anyone with legs. I notice these things with 3 kids. [/quote] surely if you bought a 4x4 superb you would still have problems with the space around the middle seat in the back...however, i agree with your choice! [quote theother]have a nice holiday with the difference[/quote] particularly that bit!

21 July 2011

A6 works better in estate form than saloon IMO.

Remember looking at an A6 when I was in the market for a large estate in 2000 - I'm sure the rear seats went completely flat back then? Doesn't look to be the case from those pics above.

I also remember the particular car I looked at had light grey leather with hints of polished wood - it was pretty smart looking if you like that kind of thing. The wood finish in the above pic can best be described as 'interesting'.

21 July 2011

I like the shape of headlights Audi seem to be moving onto, much more stylish than some of the undefined 'blobby' shapes that some manufacturers are fitting at the moment (Focus, Insignia, New Picanto to name a few).

It sounds like Audi are now getting a better ride/handling balance too, though I wonder how many people will go for the large-wheeled S-line versions, which won't be as good in this respect. Still, its something that Audi are actually supplying these more comfortable SE versions to the press, they never seemed to before.

21 July 2011

Good car but I recently drove the latest 5series estate and I like it a lot...not sporty but great looks, interior and refinement...hard to beat

21 July 2011

Must......resist.......'Audi A6 looks like every other Audi'........comment.......


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