From £13,4208

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

Despite the relatively high asking price, once you take into account running costs and depreciation, the Audi A1 looks set to be one of the most affordable cars in the class.

Our measured fuel consumption test results for the 1.4 are good for a warm hatch, helped by an effective, unobtrusive stop-start system; 34.3mpg is a realistic average, with 43.5mpg possible on the motorway. CO2 of 124g/km means annual road tax is affordable.

CO2 of 124g/km means road tax on the 1.4 TFSI A1 is affordable

Opt for the diesel and it’s cheaper still, even if the 99g/km model won't reduce costs any further as it did a few years ago, on account of the latest VED rates.

None of the regular A1s have an average claimed mpg of less than 50mpg. The 1.6 TDI is the diesel A1 to go for, but the best A1s are still petrol-powered.

With Audi dealers being masters at tempting you with the options list (and as you’d expect, there’s a vast array to choose from with the A1), it’s somewhat surprising that the standard cars are so well equipped; that makes them good value in spite of the list price. Air-con, alloy wheels, and a decent stereo with an aux-in socket are standard, but you do have to pay extra for Bluetooth. Some of the options are reasonably priced, too; we’d have expected to pay more than a few hundred pounds for the contrasting roof rails, for example.

Residuals are predicted to be better than even those of the Mini (which is a used market phenomenon), with the A1 retaining 50 percent of its value after three years.

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