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Dashboard, infotainment, sat-nav and passenger space

The effort the Alfa Romeo Mito design team put into matching the interior ambience to the kerbside appeal is obvious. Despite the lack of subtlety employed by the red and black dash of the basic trimmed models, it does offer a sense of occasion.

The two-piece dash is not understated, but it at least looks upmarket. However, it doesn’t take long to focus on the confused mix of generally hard plastics that clothe the dash, doors, centre console and A-pillars.

The Blue&Me Bluetooth MP3 and phone system isn't as intuitive as it should be.

Overall, though, the interior is not styled as cohesively as the exterior. Or the Mini’s.

The driving position is generally good, but is spoilt by a few small flaws. Alfa should be applauded for a seat that allows the driver to sit sufficiently low, a rare thing in this class. Its also a feature buyers of sunroof-equipped models will be grateful for – the arrangement robs an inch or two of space. 

Nevertheless, the feeling of sitting in the car rather than on it immediately helps deliver the sporting ambition Alfa is so keen to provide.

More good news is that the steering wheel can be brought close to your chest. But the rake adjustment disappoints by keeping the wheel a touch high, and the mechanism itself feels rather flimsy. Further niggles are an awkward clutch footrest and seats that, although good to look at, could be more supportive.

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Rear accommodation is not hugely spacious, but two six-footers can sit in line, although it’s unlikely they would want to travel any great distance.

There’s 270 litres of luggage space, which is over 100 litres more than that of a Mini Cooper S but fractionally less than a Ford Fiesta and some 30 less than a Renault Clio

The Mito's trim levels have been significantly simplified from the past, with four options to choose from - Mito, Super, Speciale and Veloce - essentially mirroring the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Alfa Romeo Giulia ranges.

Entry-level models benefit from 16in alloys, a rear spoiler, chrome exhaust and heated, electrically-adjustable wing mirrors, while inside there is air conditioning and Alfa's 5.0in UConnect infotainment system complete with Bluetooth and DAB radio.

Upgrade to the Super models and you will find bigger alloys, front fog lights, cruise control and rear parking sensors included, while opting for the Lusso pack on top gets you climate control, heated front seats and leather upholstery.

Speciale trimmed Mitos get more sporty details including sports seats clad in Alcantara, a flat-bottomed steering wheel, copious amounts of red stitching throughout the cabin, 17in alloys and red brake calipers.

Opting for the range-topping Veloce Mito gains you Brembo piston brake calipers, sat nav, adaptive suspension, 18in alloy wheels and twin chome exhausts.