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Alfa Romeo has updated its Mito supermini, with new specs, tweaked design and more technology
Jimi Beckwith
2 mins read
12 September 2016

The Alfa Romeo Mito has been updated, and is now on sale in the UK.

The Mito, which is now the oldest car in the Alfa Romeo line-up, has been given a styling refresh, including new grilles, revised rear bumpers and new alloy wheel designs.

Under the bonnet, the 1.3-litre JTDM-2 diesel engine has been updated to provide improved performance and lower CO2 emissions; Alfa claims 94bhp and 89g/km for the engine.

The specs of the Mito have been updated, too; some trim levels on the car now match those of the Giulietta and Giulia, with the entry-level trim taking no name but the model name, followed by Super, Speciale and Veloce.

The entry-level car now gets a driving mode selector and a 5.0in touchscreen infotainment display with Bluetooth and DAB radio as standard.

Alfa’s range-topping Quadrifoglio Verde trim on the Mito has been replaced by Veloce. This leaves a space at the top end of the range for an Audi S1-rivalling Mito Quadrifoglio, as the brand continues to push its performance-oriented Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio models, the latter of which will be revealed at the Paris motor show.

The hottest version of the Mito is the 168bhp, £20,500 Veloce 1.4 Multiair. When equipped with Alfa’s paddle-operated TCT transmission, the car gets to 62mph in 7.3sec, on the way to 136mph; that's only 0.4sec and 3mph slower than a Ford Fiesta ST, although the Mito is more than £2600 more expensive.

A full-fat Quadrifoglio hot hatch would be positioned closer to an Audi S1 in terms of price and performance, although it’s unclear if this is on the cards; there’s no Quadrifoglio-badged Giulietta.

The car’s name badge now bears the same script as the Giulia and Giulietta too, suggesting that Alfa is trying to make its range more cohesive.

The new Mito now starts from £12,960, and is already available to order. Range-topping Veloce trim starts at £17,110 with the two-cylinder 875cc Twinair engine.


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12 September 2016
Can barely see the difference. The car is getting old, in a competitive small car market. But then, the 500 is no spring chicken either.

They could've done away with the bug eyed lights and made it good looking, just look at how Subaru improved the gen2 Impreza by squaring off the headlights.

12 September 2016
I think it looks great! Very distinctive from every other in the class. Never driven one and no idea if it's good or bad - but I do like the way it looks.

13 September 2016
As its no more than a re-bodied Corsa, its bad, unfortunately.

12 September 2016
My the only Alfa I ever owned. Unfortunately it did all the things Alfa's are supposed to do, the steering power assistance failed at start up several times, bits fell off it and it used oil. Never trusted it and wouldn't buy another

12 September 2016
Imagine spending £20k + on one of these. Heroically poor purchase!

12 September 2016
Yearly sales of the Mito have gone from 6000 in 2009 to 1700 in 2015, I reckon there are this many Fiestas sold every 5 days!

12 September 2016
Last shot at shifting an unsuccessful and poorly reviewed product not only on its last legs but that won't be replaced. Discounts better be good.

12 September 2016
rmcondo wrote:

Discounts better be good.

I can't believe they aren't just throwing these things away. No financing deals, no advertising, no special editions... I'm sure most people don't even know it's still on sale unless they actually go into a showroom.

12 September 2016
We had a Mito 1.3jtd to replace a very reliable 147 2.0 twins park. The Mito wasn't great at all, terrible ride, terrible interior plastics so so handling and poor fuel economy. The worst was the bulk head rusting through and the air con pipe becoming disconnected which flooded the carpets, this grew into black mould and a damp smell.

Huge opportunity missed by Alfa by a hugely underdeveloped car with the Grande Punto design faults included. The current Corsa shows that the chassis can be a fairly decent drive.

12 September 2016
It is time that Alfa Romeo becmes a great brand of reliabilty, too. No CEO ever put any efor into this field.


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