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Another gong for VW's supermini

The VW Polo has been declared the World Car of the Year 2010.

The Polo’s success makes it two years out of two for Volkswagen, after the Golf model won the same award last year.

The jurors, chosen by the World Car Steering Committee, nominated their shortlist of 10 cars in January and were asked to rate them according to a number of factors including merit, value and emotional appeal.

The World Car Awards jurors said the Polo boasted best-in-class packaging and handling, was reliable and safe and is “one of the classiest small VWs ever built”.

The runners-up were the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the Toyota Prius.

The World Car Awards were launched in 2004 and previous winners have included the Lexus LS460, the BMW 3-Series and the Audi A6.

Andrew Papworth

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Mario B 8 January 2012

Re: VW Polo is World Car of the Year

catnip wrote:

superstevie wrote:
While it is undoubtably a good little car, where is the emotional appeal?

Have to say I also question the 'emotional appeal' bit. I've had a good close look at the Polo as a replacement for my existing car, but even though its very nice, it just left me cold and rather underwhelmed. The interior was the main thing that let it down for me.

I think the interior is very conservative but none the worse for it. The interior of the Fiesta, great car though I gather it is, gives me a headache just looking at it. Totally overstyled IMHO.

Fidji 8 January 2012

Re: VW Polo is World Car of the Year

John McToon wrote:


A VW Polo?


The Ferrari 458 Italia is World Car of the Year. It's faster than a Polo, better looking than a Polo and will get you laid. It's a winner.


What a load of horse manure.

Yes, because the criteria for the car of the year is speed, appearance, and whether it will 'get you laid'. And of course, a car with a six figure pricetag makes a great deal of sense.

zoomzoom 8 April 2010

Re: VW Polo is World Car of the Year


Drab. Simple as. It's just a shrunken Golf and equally overpriced.