Currently reading: Tesla adds 150 Destination Chargers to its European network
Electric car maker adds new chargers to recreational destinations including restaurants, shopping centres and ski resorts

Tesla has announced that 150 so-called Destination Chargers have been added to its growing European recharging network, allowing owners of Model Ss and Model Xs to top up the charge of their cars' batteries when they’re parked at locations such as hotels, restaurants, shopping centres and ski resorts.

Of the 150, 26 Destination Chargers have been installed in the UK, with the bulk in the southeast but one as far as north as northern Scotland. Thirteen other European countries have had devices installed, with Germany, France, Spain and Norway being the biggest benefiters.

As with Tesla's Superchargers, owners of Model Ss will be able to use the new charging points for free.

Destination Chargers top up batteries more slowly than Superchargers (they add 58 miles of range in an hour, versus 170 miles for a Supercharger), but they’re claimed to be cheaper to install. Tesla also says they’re sited deliberately at locations where people are more inclined to stay for longer periods of time.

So far only the Tesla Model S and Model X are confirmed as compatible, but it’s expected that the Model 3 will follow when it arrives some time around the start of 2017.

Outside Europe, Tesla has already installed 2605 Destination Chargers, 1889 of which are in the US.

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Mini2 26 April 2016

The North-South Divide

Once again, why are the bulk being installed in the South East, an area which is already generally far more prepared for EVs than the rest of the country, particularly up north? It's like the North/South divide is extending even to the world of electric vehicles! We are crying out for better EV provision up north, and one of the factors stopping many from taking the plunge is that lack of coverage. Still, I'm sure it'll come. Eventually..
Vertigo 26 April 2016


Destination chargers are the same units you can buy from Tesla for your driveway, so yes, they're A LOT cheaper than a supercharger - around £400.

Interestingly, a new version of the wall charger is out in a few months, and apparently is compatible with non-Tesla EVs. I wonder what that means for the destination charging programme - maybe they'll just keep building the old unit.