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With Morgan on target to set an all-time production record this year, Autocar takes a look inside its Malvern factory

Morgan, the longest-surviving British-owned sportscar maker, will set a production record in 2012 with nigh-on 1600 cars assembled at the company’s Malvern works.

Production has been on a climb ever since Morgan went back to its roots last year and launched a modern day 3 Wheeler, powered by a punchy US-built vee-twin.

The 3 Wheeler will make up around half of production in 2012 - its first full-year - largely thanks to buoyant demand in the US.

The 3 Wheeler is the only vehicle Morgan can sell in the US. Even the latest alloy-bodied Supersports and Plus 8 can’t meet Federal requirements for dual-stage airbags.

Seeing workers lovingly assemble cars at Morgan is a thing of beauty. A visit to Morgan’s warren of brick-built assembly buildings at Malvern ought to be on every enthusiast’s wish-list.


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Randy Cam 24 December 2012

I don't think the

floor's that bad. I've seen worse.

Wow, isn't that last shot with the black car, cream hide receiving it's final check and pdi sensational!. Lovely.

Dimebar 24 December 2012

That's exactly the sort of

That's exactly the sort of factory I'd want to buy a car from. Real work going on where they're concentrating on building cars rather than how tidy the place looks.

C2_Matt 21 October 2012


A Morgan is my money no object buy. Just something about them for me.