Latest expansion of the Mini brand comes in the form of three electric scooter concepts
1 October 2010

Mini has revealed a trio of retro-styled scooter concepts at the Paris motor show.

Dubbed the Mini Scooter E Concept, the all-electric concepts initially comes in three liveries: Mini E, British Racing Green and a look inspired by the Mod era.

See the official pics of the new Mini scooter concepts - plus pics of the British Racing Green version at the Paris motor show

A lithium-ion battery powers an electric motor mounted in the rear wheel.

No range or performance figures have been quoted by Mini for the zero-emissions concepts, but the scooter can be recharged at a power socket using an on-board retractable charging cable stored in the rear fairing.

Mini claims the design of its scooters is carried over from its car range and the concepts and their looks can help widen the appeal of Mini and bring the brand to a younger audience.

Read more on the electric Smart scooter

Mini design features carried over include the central speedometer and the front light designs.

To operate the concepts, the rider locks in their smartphone to the central speedo and this acts as a vehicle key, display and central control element.

The smartphone can be operated on the move to act as a sat-nav, music player or as a phone itself and can be connected via Bluetooth to the rider’s helmet.

Mini claims this creates a network between rider, scooter and smartphone that “paves the way for numerous new interactive functions”.

Chas Hallett blog: What's going on in Mini's design studio?

This includes a tie-up with Google Maps where the rider can view the position of other scooters in the vicinity; they can then connect to each other and be invited to ride together.See all the latest Mini reviews, news and video

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22 September 2010

I just love this Tarzan approach: iPhone cool - bike cool! :p They are of course aware that it will be impossible to see anything on that screen if its anywhere near sunny outside..

22 September 2010

"...Mini claims this creates a network between rider, scooter and smartphone that “paves the way for numerous new interactive functions”..."

Read "paves the way for numerous accidents"

This was an interesing concept up until this point - giving riders the option to to be fiddling with their "interactive functions" is a recipie for disaster, unless safeguards are put in place to stop them. i.e. lock out changes whilst moving or something. But as the article says it can be operated on the move, somebody in Mini towers really hasn't got a grasp on the realities of life on the road.

A good idea trashed by some dumb (non) thinking.

22 September 2010

And this is progress ? I'll stick to my bicycle thank you .

22 September 2010

I thought it was illegal to listen to music through headphones whilst driving / riding?

not that you'd think so the number of people I see sporting tell-tale white headphones...

22 September 2010

[quote shiakas]They are of course aware that it will be impossible to see anything on that screen if its anywhere near sunny outside..[/quote]

It would be easier to see the the sunnier it was if the screen was ink based like e-readers. So that is not an issue if they choose to do that.

22 September 2010

Ugly, real ugly. Hopefully, the production version will be easier on the eye.

It should have broad appeal tho, I'd use one if it means cutting out the petrol station.

22 September 2010

Great fun! I'd buy one

22 September 2010

It's better than a Sinclair C5 .......


22 September 2010

Brilliant strategy by BMW, love the scooter, was waiting for the two wheeled version ever since I laid my eyes on Sir Alec's original.

How about a razor blade next. In British racing green with design carried over from the car range. My mach3 aint round or cute enough!!!

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