So, what do you think of the sketches of the Mini Scooter concept that appeared today?

The news is that several of the real things will be gracing the Mini stand in Paris; all will be electric and all will “showcase distinctive features of the Mini design language”.

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Yes, they’re a bit of fun but are they really demonstrating where the Mini brand is going? Or even what it is?

The recently launched Countryman is surely at the outer edge of what a Mini could and should be. But I’m not convinced that a scooter is, or should be, even on planet Mini.

It smacks more of a student’s final-year design project than anything else. At worst it’s what a German’s idea of ‘British culture’ is. Remember that all of Mini’s design team reside in Munich; there’s no design presence in the UK.

Up until now BMW has proved to be an excellent custodian of the Mini brand (and Rolls-Royce too for that matter). It clearly has to expand the range – for long-term viability if nothing else – but it can’t afford to miscue either.

What I’d like to see at the next motor show is a clue to a real car – the much-mooted mini Mini perhaps?

And don’t even get me started on the Smart scooter…