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Supercharged Lotus Evora is expected to have more than 350bhp; Paris launch alongside auto'
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19 August 2010

Lotus will take the wraps off a range-topping supercharged S variant of the Evora at the Paris motor show.

The Lotus Evora S, spied here on the first day of a three-day test at the Nurburgring, will be the most hardcore version of the Evora yet. A supercharger will be fitted to the base car’s Toyota-sourced 3.5-litre V6 engine to boost power to in excess of 350bhp and produce more than 300lb ft of torque.

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This should allow the Evora to achieve a 0-62mph time of comfortably less than 5.0sec and reach a top speed in excess of 175mph.

The fitting of a supercharger has been made possible in the Evora’s compact chassis due to clever packaging of the V6 engine, which was always designed with the later addition of a supercharger in mind.

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The Evora’s engine bay has been designed to accommodate its supercharger between the cylinder banks, so as not to obstruct rear-view mirror visibility (which is compromised in the supercharged Elise).

The braking and most of the cooling performance that the faster Evora requires has already been engineered into the standard car, which has shortened the faster model’s development time.

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Visual changes over the standard Evora appear minimal, apart from the addition of a large rear diffuser.

Lotus’s 10,000sq ft Paris show stand will also be the location for the launch of a torque-converter automatic version of the Evora, a model that will be popular with US customers. The rest of Lotus's Paris line up has yet to be confirmed, but it is expected to showcase three new models, including a new Esprit.

The automatic Lotus Evora is also being tested at the Nurburging this week and sales of both models are expected to start immediately after the Paris show. The price of the Evora S is expected to top £60,000.

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275not599 23 August 2010

Re: Lotus Evora S - first pics

I really want Lotus to succeed, but it's very hard for a small manufacturer to compete on price and quality these days, especially as there are so many regulations to attend to. I disagree with posts about the Nissan V6; it's a hoary old lump that's overdue for replacement. Of course Lotus could crank more hp out of the Camry V6 but they don't have Nissan's economies of scale. As for the suggestion of a double clutch tranny, that would erode "involvement" which is a sportscars' reason for existence. I realize I am shouting against the wind but please keep the manual. And for goodness' sake don't give it a 370Z automatic throttle blipper; that's like having an inflatable love doll programmed to coo "God you are so fantastic" every 30 seconds (I freely confess I am not speaking from experience). Now that Lotus have announced they are abandoning the Chapman philosophy and moving upweight and upmarket, another beacon is going to burn out. Somebody buy the company! Branson?

Los Angeles 22 August 2010

Re: Lotus Evora S - first pics

Straight Six Fan wrote:
kcrally wrote:
i do wish lotus would make cars from metal.
Their current aluminium-and-plastic bodies are a HELL of a lot lighter than any all-aluminium thing.
While I accept your argument, SSF, there is an issue to take into account with glass fibre - in time it flexes, ultimately causing stress marks in the painted surface. The experience of paint on fibreglass shows it loses its bloom earlier than on metal. (Peter Wheeler of TVR fame used his scientific knowledge to solve that problem with better quality paint and metallic glitter.)

Moreover, it can't be shaped or angled in the same way as aluminium without losing strength. Auto designers learn how to create curves that conceal the sculptural limitations of the material. And although it never rusts, it has a downside in the event of an accident. A mere 10 mph bump can shatter a large area whereas aluminium can be reshaped.

On the issue of strength I don't think the same holds true for carbon fibre. It can be vacuum formed once layered in sheets whereupon it has enormous strength, but its longevity as used in cars is, I believe, not yet proven a hundred percent, nor is its ability to accept layers of paint without adverse effect.

On that I look for advice to somebody here knowledgeable on carbon fibre who can answer my uncertainty.

Straight Six Fan 19 August 2010

Re: Lotus Evora S - first pics

kcrally wrote:
i do wish lotus would make cars from metal.

You WHAT? Their current aluminium-and-plastic bodies are a HELL of a lot lighter than any all-aluminium thing, let alone steel! Lotuses are meant to be light. Going for a heavier construction method would be really perverse...