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Supercharged Lotus Evora is expected to have more than 350bhp; Paris launch alongside auto'
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19 August 2010

Lotus will take the wraps off a range-topping supercharged S variant of the Evora at the Paris motor show.

The Lotus Evora S, spied here on the first day of a three-day test at the Nurburgring, will be the most hardcore version of the Evora yet. A supercharger will be fitted to the base car’s Toyota-sourced 3.5-litre V6 engine to boost power to in excess of 350bhp and produce more than 300lb ft of torque.

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This should allow the Evora to achieve a 0-62mph time of comfortably less than 5.0sec and reach a top speed in excess of 175mph.

The fitting of a supercharger has been made possible in the Evora’s compact chassis due to clever packaging of the V6 engine, which was always designed with the later addition of a supercharger in mind.

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The Evora’s engine bay has been designed to accommodate its supercharger between the cylinder banks, so as not to obstruct rear-view mirror visibility (which is compromised in the supercharged Elise).

The braking and most of the cooling performance that the faster Evora requires has already been engineered into the standard car, which has shortened the faster model’s development time.

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Visual changes over the standard Evora appear minimal, apart from the addition of a large rear diffuser.

Lotus’s 10,000sq ft Paris show stand will also be the location for the launch of a torque-converter automatic version of the Evora, a model that will be popular with US customers. The rest of Lotus's Paris line up has yet to be confirmed, but it is expected to showcase three new models, including a new Esprit.

The automatic Lotus Evora is also being tested at the Nurburging this week and sales of both models are expected to start immediately after the Paris show. The price of the Evora S is expected to top £60,000.

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17 August 2010

[quote Autocar]A supercharger will be fitted to the base car’s Toyota-sourced 3.5-litre V6 engine to boost power to in excess of 350bhp and produce more than 300lb ft of torque.
[/quote] 370Z engine, no blower 326hp!!!

17 August 2010

As you can tell from my username I am a Lotus Man. Caught the bug with an early Elan, fell in love with early Esprit and finally got addicted to the Elise S1 and S2....however this car just doesn't do it for me. The price, design, the market it's chasing and the total lack of character just aren't what Lotus is about.

Let me explain, the Esprit came out when the world was awash with Cortina's and Capri's - this machine looked like something from another planet. It was the TVR Sagaris of its day.

The Elise S1 118hp - was a simple return to driving nirvana and the price made it an instant hit ( still regret selling my 1998 S Reg one )

The Elise S2 - althought not as pretty as the S1, took out the S1's flaws and made it even better.

The Evora? - I also drive a Porsche Cayman S which cost me around £50k - the engine, quality and dealer service surpasses anything Lotus has ever given me, although I do like the mug of tea and chat with the mechanic in a greasy workshop when I take the Lotus in. However that's not the market image Lotus wants with this car, they want Porsche drivers, but until they introduce Cappucino makers and flat screen TV's in the service waiting rooms of the Lotus dealership, then passionate nutters like me are the only people who will buy this car ( when it's depreciated to £25k ).

Am I making sense?

17 August 2010

[quote 5w30]370Z engine, no blower 326hp!!![/quote]

it's 335/340bhp now thanks to the infinity development.should be in Z soon.

17 August 2010

[quote Lotus Man]Am I making sense? [/quote]

Yes, perfect sense. And I agree with everything with one exception...

[quote Lotus Man]The Elise S2 - althought not as pretty as the S1[/quote]

I think the S2 looks superb! But I think we'll agree to disagree on that one!

17 August 2010

I'm happy that Lotus is addressing one of the Evora's issues, which is an underwhelming powerplant. It's not bad, mind you, but a medium-output engine from the best-selling car in the US (the Camry) isn't exactly sport car material in my book; slow to rev and sounds quite dull doing it. I would have much rather seen the direct-injected, 305-bhp version from the Lexus IS, but it was either too expensive for Lotus (which begs the question on a car costing more than the Cayman S) or Toyota simply said no, making them a less-than-ideal powertrain and gearbox supplier.

This brings me to the box, which is from a light truck. You can imagine the results: slow and notchy, with long throws. And yes, I've rowed it. Really, it that the best you could do, Toyota? Certainly not.

Now , the rest of the car is brilliant, and with the surpercharger fixing the power deficit it's time for a proper box. Doble-clutch, ideally.

17 August 2010

Tesla...with a fuel engine! Surely? Am I the only one to see that the king has no clothes?

17 August 2010

Uglier and uglier...........................

17 August 2010

I think ugly may be a bit harsh, but perhaps.....

Bring back the 70's Europa.

As a 'youff' it was the most amazing thing on the road, where I lived anyway.

Still want one now, just dread to think what it would be like to drive in reality!

17 August 2010

[quote blktoy]Uglier and uglier...........................[/quote] I agree. Autocar and most of the UK press swallowed the PR that this was a stunning car in looks as well as driving. Well it may be to drive, but as a looker - no way

17 August 2010

Saw my first Evora on the road one evening last week on the M4. Seemed to be in "limp home" mode, given it's 50mph max speed and everyone having to pull out and pass it.

Looked nice(ish) but I can't help but have a chuckle when I see new expensive cars breaking down, as I pass them in my trusty high mileage seven year old carriage. :o)


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