Official pics and details of the supercharged Evora, plus the automatic IPS version
29 September 2010

Lotus has revealed two new Evora variants ahead of their official debuts at this month’s Paris motor show: a supercharged S and an automatic.

The supercharger in the S ups power from the standard car’s 3.5-litre Toyota-sourced V6 engine from 276bhp to 345bhp, while torque is also increased from 258lb ft to 295lb ft.

See the official pics of the Lotus Evora S and IPS

Lotus CEO Dany Bahar said the suspension had been tuned to cope with the extra power, while control and response have also been improved. These chassis changes should also filter down to the standard Evora, said Bahar.

A Sport Pack will be standard; this allows the driver to control throttle response using the Sport button. The Sport button also raises the instantaneous rev limit and changes the dynamic stability control settings to offer a more sporting drive.

One of the other major changes to the Evora S is the addition of a large centre-mounted active exhaust. The exhaust note can be altered using the Sport button, which opens a by-pass valve within the exhaust. Along with the exhaust, the biggest visual change is the addition of a larger new diffuser to boost the Evora’s aerodynamic efficiency and larger cross-drilled disc brakes to boost stopping power and improved cooling.

See the spy pics of the Lotus Evora S at the Nürburgring

All these changes to the Evora S cut the car’s 0-60mph time over the standard car from 4.9sec to 4.6sec, while maximum speed is increased by 10mph to 172mph.

The automatic Evora IPS (Intelligent Performance Shift) gets a six-speed automatic ’box with a Lotus-developed transmission control. The auto’ uses the V6 engine in the standard state of tune, although its 0-60mph time drifts to 5.3sec and maximum speed drops to 155mph.

Drivers will be able to select between auto’ and manual modes; the latter is controlled using steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. The IPS also features a Sport mode to improve response and cut shift times.

Read more on Lotus's plans for the Paris motor show

Bahar said the Evora IPS would “broaden the appeal of the Evora”, particularly in the Middle East, Asia and the US.

Sales will start soon after the Paris show. Prices have yet to be confirmed, but expect to pay around £60,000 for the S and a small premium over the base car’s list price of £50,000 for the IPS.

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27 August 2010

[quote Autocar]Lotus has revealed two new Evora variants ahead of their official debuts at this month’s Paris motor show: a supercharged S and an automatic.

Still a flawed vehicle. How many have they sold?

27 August 2010

[quote ischiaragazzo]Still a flawed vehicle. How many have they sold?[/quote]Sad to agree, but there it is.

27 August 2010

[quote Los Angeles]Still a flawed vehicle. How many have they sold?[/quote]

Hmmm.... Let me name another flawed car.... The Porsche 911!!! But that has sold and sold and sold!

Good luck Lotus, I've had the pleasure of driving the standard Evora and can not wait to drive the S.

After having concerns on Dany Bahar, the recent T125 Exos and this pumped up Evora has convinced me that he and lotus are on the right path.

27 August 2010

[quote Dooie] Let me name another flawed car.... The Porsche 911!!![/quote]You exaggerate for effect rather like that "Seven!" car warranty commercial which reduces mathematicians and philosophers to morons.

Perhaps if manufacturers, encouraged by unimaginative auto hacks, stopped measuring every new sports car against the Porsche 911, a new vehicle might rise in estimation and appeal as a car worthy in its own right.

Repetitive comparison is arid and ultimately self-defeating.

27 August 2010

Regardless of any criticism or comparison, I bet the S will be a fantastic car to drive. My query would be why the supercharger? The supercharged brigade is a shrinking one with most manufacturers preferring to turbocharge for the economy gains. I'm thinking previous generation Mini Cooper S vs. current Mini Cooper S - the latter being more powerful and far more economical. Perhaps the only exception I can think of is the VAG 1.4 TSI - but the most popular versions of that are sold in turbo-only form too....

Any ideas on what will have driven Lotus' decision to supercharge rather than turbocharge?

27 August 2010

Los Angeles

My point is, a flawed car is not necessarily a bad car.

But 7 is more than 3!

27 August 2010

Like it...but am a little surprised that a 20% power boost results in a mere 0.3 second gain 0-100kph time..and aren't super-chargers supposed to have a more pronounced effect on torque than power?

27 August 2010

[quote bendubs]Any ideas on what will have driven Lotus' decision to supercharge rather than turbocharge?[/quote]

Answer: Cost

With a turbo/s, managing the thermo effects on the engine (and surrounding engine bay) would take a lot more time and therefore cost to develop. A turbo would mean that Lotus would have to change internal components of the engine, I.e. Sodium filled valves, different pistons etc. The supercharger is basically an air pump that will not heat the inlet air as much as a compressor wheel from the turbo. It’s a bolt on attachment that ups the power while keeping the engine stock.


You can get superchargers that compress the air (screw type) but these also heat the inlet charge a lot more than a lobe type, which i think lotus use.

27 August 2010

[quote Dooie]But 7 is more than 3![/quote]And in cars less is more.

28 August 2010

[quote Dooie]Hmmm.... Let me name another flawed car.... The Porsche 911!!! But that has sold and sold and sold! [/quote]

Absolutely true - even though I am a multiple 911 owner. The trick that Porsche has pulled off and Lotus will definitely not is to make the basic car last for 47 years...


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