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All-electric three-seat city car revealed in full at the Paris motor show
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1 October 2010

Kia has unveiled its stunning new electric city car concept, the Pop, at the Paris motor show.

The Pop's styling draws inspiration from the Kia Ray electric coupé concept from this year's New York motor show. It has space for three.

See the official pics of the Kia Pop concept - now with extra pics from the Paris motor show

It is three metres long, making it slightly longer than a Toyota iQ but half a metre shorter than Kia’s current smallest car, the Picanto.

The Pop gets a panoramic glass roof that reveals a purple with chrome trim interior, which has a front bench for two and an additional seat in the rear.

The position of the door handles also indicates the concept could use gullwing doors; other design features include LED lights. It is charged via a power point fixed at the rear.

Kia says the car brings “innovative design chic and dramatic styling to the city car segment”, although no other details have been revealed.

Kia also informed us “further information will be released in due course”, including details of the Pop's zero-tailpipe emissions.

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18 August 2010

I love it. Kia as design leaders - who'dathunkit?

18 August 2010

Agreed, its a very well resolved design solution that works much better than it's Japanese rivals.

18 August 2010

Certanly a striking design, got a bit of a gas mask about it. How do the windows open - or being a city EV are windows permanently fixed?

18 August 2010

Not so bad at all, but those side windows are awful! They must be re-designed.

18 August 2010

That is great.

it makes me think, any company can make special cars, i know it's a concept so KIA wouldnt make anything as good like this for a mass produced car like they currently make. but it shows KIA could be a premium make of car like Aston for example but just for city size cars, making just hundreds a year and charging a huge amount for them. say £30k to £40k each. hand built with every attention to detail that a concept one off KIA could be mentioned in the same breath as Bentley, Ferrari etc...

18 August 2010

Makes Gordon Murray's effort look a bit "last year"

18 August 2010

[quote sierra]Makes Gordon Murray's effort look a bit "last year"[/quote]Which it is, but created for an entirely different function.

18 August 2010

[quote beachland2] but it shows KIA could be a premium make of car like Aston for example but just for city size cars, making just hundreds a year and charging a huge amount for them[/quote]

it takes a whole lot more that reasonable product to go "premium", - heritage, class and decent showrooms for a start. KIA are along way behind on all 3 counts.

18 August 2010

Nice concept, but not exactly a practical design route:

  • Visibility (absolutely vital in urban cars) is badly compromised:
    • Huge A pillars would make turning out at junctions a hit or miss affair.
    • Huge C pillars would make three-quarter vision and reversing awkward.
    • Never mind the distortions from the sculpted windows.
  • On the bright side, at least the panoramic sunroof gives an uninterrupted view of the speeding/parking/congestion/bus and VIP lane camera gantries.

18 August 2010

Hmmm....not has been pointed out, a lot of the "concept" stuff wouldn't work day to day.

I suppose it shows thought and a direction to head in. Unlike KIA's of old it shouldn't necessarily be Killed-In-Action, lol

But the name....."Pop", just reminds me of sit up and beg Fords

.....and KFC..?


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