Terrafugia Transition Street-Legal Airplane on show following successful maiden test flight
4 April 2012

Fresh from its maiden test flight last month, the Terrafugia Transition Street-Legal Airplane is on display at the New York motor show.

The makers of the second generation Terrafugia are using the New York show to garner publicity and raise funding to put the part-car, part-plane into production. The prototype on display is one of two that have been built for test work and for preparing for tooling for the production version.

Gallery: Terrafugia Transition Street-Legal Airplane

The rear-drive two-seater is powered by a 100bhp Rotax 912S engine and weighs 650kg. It has been designed to be switched from car to plane, or vice versa, in under half an hour, with its wings extending or folding out at the touch of a button. Its makers say it folds small enough to fit in a conventional garage.

While six phases of flight testing are planned to continue development and meet aircraft safety standards, no mention is made of testing to car safety and compliance standards and no on road performance figures are available.

Although there is no firm production date at present, deposits are being taken. The final asking price is expected to be around £200,000.

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4 April 2012

There was one of these around in the early fifties, I had photos and a write-up in a car mag when I was small. Never made it into production, and neither did any of the other variations that came along in the meantime as far as I know. Would a pilot accept the compromises in this kind of craft ? Would a motorist understand the level of maintenance and care needed for flying machines ? Could you leave this in the Tesco carpark ?

4 April 2012

[quote Uncle Mellow]neither did any of the other variations [/quote]

actually I think a few did and have. Love the idea except I am wondering what the mayhem will be like with thousands in the air!! nope - wont work yet.

4 April 2012

Great - won't be long now before our cities begin to look like those old sci-fi movies - we've got the tall (increasingly outrageously so) skyscrapers and soon we'll have the cars zooming between them at the 100th floor level ! I find this all so very exciting and inspiring............

Enjoying a Fabia VRs - affordable performance

4 April 2012

Its just a plane......

Ok it might have had a bit more thought put into how it moves on the ground compared to most planes, but fundamentally its still just a plane not a car!


4 April 2012

[quote Uncle Mellow] Could you leave this in the Tesco carpark ?[/quote] More importantly: where do you takeoff and land. Do you have to log a flight plan. I get the impression that you just can't use the flight capability wherever or as the impulse takes you. Nice idea, but practicality and burocracy will kill it.

4 April 2012

I think such a machine is intended for people who regularly enjoy a flight on Sunday on their small plane. With this you don't have to pay to keep your plane at local flying camp. You just drive it to your house when you land.

I think the road performances are not important, no one is going to use it as a car, it is plane that you can store in your garage.

4 April 2012

I don't get it. Who, from either camp of driver / pilot would want to accept he compromises that this has as either a car or a plane?

I think matsoc has it right, but how small is that very, very particular market!

My local MOT station might be a bit challenged by it, too.

5 April 2012

As a plane this thing, with 650kg and 100 bhp, is a total slug. It will take forever to gain height and will not be allowed to fly in any kind of inclement weather. It will make a 1950s Cessna 172 look like a rocket. No flyer is going to be interested.

6 April 2012

[quote 275not599]As a plane this thing, with 650kg and 100 bhp, is a total slug.[/quote]

True, I didn't noticed the so low power figure!

10 June 2013
The flying car prototype would look great on some huge displays. In this way the visitors will see the car better and it won't be a queue in front of the stage. You can find everywhere a point of purchase displays, so it won't be so difficult to put into action this plan.

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