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Limited-edition Mustang celebrates 1964 launch of the original, and comes with unique exterior and interior trim

Ford has revealed a limited 50th anniversary edition of the new Mustang at the New York motor show.

The special car, based on the Mustang GT fastback, will come in a choice of white or blue colours. Just 1964 examples will be sold, a homage to the original Mustang's launch year.

Styling upgrades over the standard car include extra chrome trim on the exterior, new tail light housings, and a unique badge at the rear denoting its rarity. Elsewhere, the special Mustang features lowered three-quarter windows, another hark to the 1965 original.

Inside, Ford has upgraded the Mustang's cabin with special aluminium trim alongside new badging, stitching and a new steering wheel. The seats feature the Mustang 50th anniversary logo, while bespoke floor mats are also fitted.

Using the same 5.0-litre V8 engine as the GT and fitted with Ford's performance pack, the 50th anniversary Mustang has 414bhp and 390lb ft of torque available. Performance brakes and special 19-inch alloys are also fitted, alongside performance tyres.

Models will come with either an automatic transmission or a six-speed manual gearbox. If choosing the manual option, customers will also get a limited-slip rear differential.

Production of the 50th anniversary Mustang will get underway later this year, with sales starting in the US this autumn. It's unlikely the new car will come to the UK

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speckyclay 16 April 2014

Lost in translation...?

"...lowered 3/4 windows..."

LOUVERED, surely?

TS7 16 April 2014

speckyclay wrote:"...lowered

speckyclay wrote:

"...lowered 3/4 windows..."

LOUVERED, surely?

Indeed, one wonders just exactly when Autocar started farming out motoring stories to bloggers who can't even cut 'n paste a press release.

TS7 16 April 2014

I was referring ...

... to the (now deleted) picture of a red Mustang actually.

Whilst blue and white are perfectly logical you should, Factczech, lay the blame at Autocar's feet for presenting contradictory information. It wouldn't be the first time they've done this.

TS7 16 April 2014

"The special car, based on the Mustang GT fastback, ..."

"... will come in a choice of white or blue colours." And red, one suspects...
Factczech 16 April 2014

Off the mark

The original mustangs were a baby blue colour and off-white never was in red that year...