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WRC-inspired three-cylinder engine and extensively reworked 6.0-litre W12 plans revealed
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11 May 2015

Volkswagen has revealed plans for a 270bhp three-cylinder petrol engine and an improved 6.0-litre W12 for its luxury models.

Plans for the high-output triple, based on the unit already used in small Volkswagens, were announced by Friedrich Eichler, Head of Powertrain Development at the annual International Vienna Motor Symposium.  

The engine uses technology developed on the Polo World Rally Car to boost the engine outputs.

As well as a conventional turbo, an electric 'e-booster' compressor is employed to generate 270 bhp and 200 lb ft of torque.

Eichler also revealed details of a reworked version of the 6.0-litre W12 engine for top-end Volkswagen, Audi and Bentley models.

The new engine is described by Volkswagen group as 'technically dense' includes developments of existing fuel injection and stop/start technologies, cylinder deactivation and friction reduction coatings to produce 600bhp and 664lb ft of torque with emissions of less than 250g/km.

Volkswagen claims the new W12 TSI will be the most economical twelve cylinder engine in the luxury car segment.

The W12 TSI is likely to debut in the Bentley Bentayga SUV which is due to launch in 2016. 

Group head of Powertrain Development, Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser also explained that they are pushing ahead with plans to provide the modular MQB car platform which underpins the Golf, Passat, Audi A3 and many other group vehicles, with a 48 volt electrical system in the future.

The upgrade will facilitate the installation of electric turbochargers on various engines starting with the diesels, including the 2.0 TDI.

Neusser hints these two technologies will allow power outputs of nearly 300bhp and 480 lbft of torque.

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11 May 2015
It's such an ugly word. Does it mean anything or is it made-up?

11 May 2015
Bentayga, by Teagan.

11 May 2015
Can't wait to see what that costs to run when it's 5 years old... SO much to go wrong...

11 May 2015
Can't wait to see what that costs to run when it's 5 years old... SO much to go wrong...


11 May 2015
"The Bentayga's unusual name comes from the Roque Bentayga, a dramatically rugged mountain landscape on Gran Canaria in the Atlantic"....according to Autocar

11 May 2015
815BHP should be enough to be getting on with!! Are there any other engines that can match it's output and emissions?

11 May 2015
Hard to imagine how you would improve the turbo application on a 2.0 tdi ? Or would this fall under the same type of improvements seen with electrical power steering ? So more complex and inferior at delivering their primary roll ...

11 May 2015
I'm glad they're not only keeping the W12 in production but overhauling it so it remains class-leading for years to come. 12-cylinder engines are a rarity these days, but they're still very special.

12 May 2015
Electric superchargers, surely?

12 May 2015
A triple with 270bhp!the first Nail in the Coffin of large capacity Engines?,if this Mecca of having your Cake and eat it is for real,who needs V6's and so on?,ok, they may not sound the same,but,ultimately,it's all about performance.


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