First pictures and details of hot VW Polo
19 February 2010

These are the first pictures of the new VW Polo GTi, which will be unveiled at next month’s Geneva motor show ahead of UK sales starting in August.

The new hot hatch comes with the VW Group’s 1.4-litre TSI engine, delivering 177bhp, connected to a seven-speed DSG transmission. It also comes with a version of VW’s XDS electronic differential, as used in the Seat Ibiza Cupra.

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Suspension is lower than the standard Polo by 15mm all round, and the car gets its own spring and damper settings.

Like the last Polo GTi, this one’s also been styled to look like a mini Golf GTi. So it gets the similar five-spoke polished 17-inch alloys, and the same style of honeycomb grille with a red frame. Inside the seats are trimmed in a similar checked cloth material to the Golf GTi, and there’s a flat-bottomed wheel, too.

The GTi will be available as a three and five-door, with prices starting at around £18,000 for the three door.

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Our Verdict

Volkswagen Polo

The fifth-generation Volkswagen Polo has junior Golf looks, but is that enough?

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17 February 2010

I haven't seen your verdict yet, but normally the Polo GTI seems to dissapoint compared with Golfs, which is a shme as the Polo has huge potential as a hot hatch as its the perfect size for a fun and chuckable car.

17 February 2010

I was interested in the 1.2 TSI till I specced it up to £18k on the VW homesite configurator which kinda put me off. Is a lot for a supermini. Wonder what kit is on the GTI. With the right equipment as standard it could prove to be better value.

17 February 2010

oh come on vw! 177bhp isnt good enough these days! the corsa vxr and renaultsport clio are pushing out near 200bhp why dont vw give the competition something 2 worry about! such a dissapointment with more bhp this could be a little corker! vw group have never given the polo a decent engine worthy of the gti badge

17 February 2010

[quote VX220EDDIE]177bhp isnt good enough these days! the corsa vxr and renaultsport clio are pushing out near 200bhp [/quote]


VW will try to play the classy refined alternative card.

17 February 2010

[quote tannedbaldhead]

VW will try to play the classy refined alternative card.


They might as well, why offer something the same as Renault and Vauxhall. Especially when VW do the classy bit so well.

It also highlights what a mistake it was to make the Ibiza Cupra DSG only. Surely this can be the classy little hatch and the Ibiza can be the raw alternative.

17 February 2010

Hopefully a 200bhp + version will turn up (Polo R?) and have a proper manual box available too.

Although its the low power output compared to the competition that gets noticed, its a compulsory auto on a supposedly fun car that would stop me ever considering one.

17 February 2010

Not bad looking, the interior harks back to the old Golf GTI's with the seat material, but only 177bhp and way over priced, this should be nearer £14K. If a Polo R comes out then charge nearer £18k.

However, it should be a good buy on the second hand market.

17 February 2010

polo gti = high quality with 177bhp 184 lbft 1172kgs approx.

clio 200 = tat 197bhp 159 lbft 1240kgs

corsa vxr = not classy or as nice 189bhp 170lbft 1223kgs

As you can see, the polo has the best power to weight, best torque to weight, best everything.

But saying that, i do think a 200bhp polo R will be great. not bothered if its manual or DSG, i'm sure DSG can be tuned for setup preference with software changes done aftermarket.

17 February 2010

[quote Jon Hardcastle]this should be nearer £14K[/quote]

£14k?, a Fiesta Zetec is over £15k. It does seem like alot of money but I think we'll just have to get used to seeing expensive small cars.

17 February 2010

Beat me to it!


Kia Venga 1.6 Auto

Test date 12 December 2009 Price as tested £14,095"


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