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European version gets its own distinct engine line-up and a more sophisticated suspension system
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26 October 2010

Volkswagen has revealed this European-spec version of its new Jetta saloon in Germany.

The cosmetic differences over the US version of the car, launched earlier this year, are described by VW as “subtle”. But the real changes are underneath, where European models get their own distinct engine line-up and a more sophisticated suspension system.

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While US Jettas make do with a simple torsion beam rear suspension set-up, European buyers get a four-link system similar to one seen in the Golf. The system differs from the one used in the outgoing Jetta too, with the car now sporting a wider rear rack and revised springs and dampers.

European buyers can choose from a range of VW’s TSI and TDI engines. Petrol units include 104bhp 1.2 TSI and 120bhp 1.4 TSI options, while the diesels are a 104bhp 1.6 TDI and a 2.0 TDI with either 138bhp or 168bhp. A range of manual and DSG gearboxes are also on offer.

Other changes to the European model include the adoption of an electro-mechanical steering system as standard.

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While the Passat-inspired exterior changes are limited, inside European buyers will get higher-quality materials and trims. Three trim levels will be offered in the UK: S, SE and Sport. Standard kit will include six airbags and ESP.

The best-selling model in the UK is expected to be the entry-level diesel engine in S trim, accounting for more than a quarter of the Jetta’s projected annual sales of 3800 units from 2012.

This model will also wear the firm’s Bluemotion Technology eco badge, meaning it will include stop-start and an energy recuperation system as standard. Economy for this model will be 68mpg, while CO2 emissions are rated at 109g/km. The cleanest petrol model will be the entry-level 1.2 TSI with 53.2mpg and 123g/km of CO2.

The new Jetta will be built at VW’s Puebla plant in Mexico, also the production base for the firm’s next Beetle. UK sales will start in 2011’s first quarter and prices are expected to start from around £17,000, similar to those of today’s car.

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26 October 2010

It is far better looking than the face lifted Passat.

They really should bring the coupe version to these shores too but I won't hold my breath.

26 October 2010

I agree, and its much nicer than the existing Jetta which has always looked like two different cars joined together.

26 October 2010

Sounds like volkswagen trying to justify why this car will cost massively more than it does in the US........

26 October 2010

VW really haven't a clue how to style cars do they! This really is motoring at its dullest!

26 October 2010

I really like the look of this, much smarter than the old model and the new Passat. Only subtle changes over the US car but somehow it looks more prestige and the interior higher quality. Will be interesting to see how they position this in the UK, could it take on the likes of the 3-series/ A4? Its certainly now the right size to do so.

26 October 2010

[quote Zeddy]They really should bring the coupe version to these shores too but I won't hold my breath.[/quote]

Agreed this is nice looking coupe, certainly as good looking as the 3 series coupe. When I was last out in the US I noticed quite a few Accord coupes and they look much nicer than the saloon version, too.

26 October 2010

for those fortunately too young to remember the mid 70`s google the mark 1 golf, mark 1 scirocco, mark 1 passat (less so) and mark 1 polo, all cars launched more or less simultaneously with very fresh Guigaro styling and a general style that walked all over the competition of the day. Truly exceptional groundbreaking design that oozed confidence.

Fast forward to 2010 and what do we have:

a company trading on past glories

a company paranoid about competition from subsiduaries

and the most spectacular lack of fresh new ideas, its a travesty.

Sure these will sell by the boat load, but for anyone interested in deep rooted style, class and all round excellence this is insufficient. VW needs to look back at what made the mark 1`s so great

26 October 2010

It looks alright. Can't really muster up anymore enthusiasm than that. :-|

26 October 2010

So did I read that right, they are going to build in Mexico and ship it to the UK? What happened to build them where you sell them, are there any VW plants in the UK? VW is building a nice non-union plant in Tennessee for the Americanized versions; I wonder how IG Metall feels about work going abroad? It’s funny; the ads they run for it here in the states make it sound like the car is built in Germany.

It’s pretty dull looking, but so is the competition so that probably will not matter. What might though is the higher price it will command compared to the Corolla and Civic.

27 October 2010

A much better looking car than the outgoing model. The increase in size makes me wonder why VW have the Jetta and the Passat in the same category.goodbye Passat??


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