Currently reading: VW emissions scandal: German government finds that only VW Group used defeat devices
German officials investigating the emissions scandal have concluded that only the VW Group used defeat devices

The German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has finished its testing of diesel vehicles and has found that only Volkswagen Group diesel cars used the devices to manipulate their emissions.

Although the report isn’t to be published until nearer the end of the month, German newspaper Handelsblatt reported that a KBA insider revealed the results. This date had already been pushed back, after the KBA asked for more time to complete the investigation.

The conclusion refutes previous accusations of emissions irregularites against other manufacturers, including Renault and BMW, which proved to be unfounded. This also confirms Renault’s claims that its recent emissions improvement work is voluntary, rather than enforced action.

The Department for Transport is currently implementing a retesting program for a variety of cars in light of the Dieselgate scandal, working with overseas governments for more comprehensive coverage of the cars on sale, and to share the cost of retesting. The cars on test will be a representative sample of the UK car industry, and will not be limited to either Volkswagen or diesel vehicles. Although it has not been announced when the retesting is likely to be completed, findings are to be reported within the next few weeks.

Volkswagen is in the midst its recall operation of around 11 million vehicles, which has not been without its hiccups; latest reports suggest that the recall of the Volkswagen Passat has had to be halted, although the reason for this is yet to be confirmed.

VW's legal troubles, particularly in North America but also across the rest of the globe, have reportedly prompted internal tensions as workers demand assurance of job security in the face of heavy financial penalties against the VW Group. 

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ridnufc 7 April 2016

Vw interiors

The emissions wouldn't stop me buying a vw its the terrible interiors that would. Am I missing something here, the Audi ones are ok but the golf interior is terrible. It feels like the emporers new clothes, no one dares say they are boring and cheap looking. Are auto car and express in the pay role?
Jimbbobw1977 8 April 2016

Autoexpress this week tested

Autoexpress this week tested the very dull Passat 1.6 tdi and the interior in that looks very bland. I have noticed in the latest Golf/Passat exposed body coloured metal inside the door frames which looks nasty. Even my non premium car had this covered up.
Jimbbobw1977 7 April 2016

Bad day for the VAG fan boys.

Bad day for the VAG fan boys... Their comeback can't now be - all manufacturers are at, as clearly they are not. The new Focus RS trouncing the Golf//Audi, and the new Tiguan having scratchy plastic in the interior, and that the Golf and Audi A3 sales make it the most common cars in the road!!!

Bout prestigious about them other than the pricing. Soon when these cheap PCP deals collapse wonder where they will turn??

I really didn't think any other manufacturer would be stupid enough to to create cheat software, Ford sent an e-mail to its customers when this scandal emerged out right saying they have never used such a device.

Beastie_Boy 7 April 2016

Not put me off buying a new VW, either...

Recently taken delivery of a new Polo GTI. Early days but I'm growing to love it. It takes pride of place on the drive next to our diesel Passat. A mate of my dads (a Fiat dealer) was enjoying ribbing me for my choice in nasty, polluting cars bought from a corrupt manufacturer. He soon shut up once I pointed out that VAGs emissions "cheat" software is the kind of tech Fiat could only ever dream of...

I'll get my coat.