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New SUV, due in 2020, will share much with the Citroën C5 Aircross and Peugeot 5008, including a later PHEV version

Vauxhall is preparing an all-new SUV flagship under its new PSA ownership ahead of a 2020 launch.

A newly revealed design sketch shows an early version of the car’s styling, which is devoid of a grille. While this suggests an electric model, the new SUV will definitely use traditional combustion engines, meaning the production version will have a grille. 

Like its Peugeot 5008 large SUV sibling, the unnamed SUV will gain a plug-in hybrid variant, using PSA Group internal combustion engines, following its launch.

The car will sit on the PSA EMP2 platform, the same as the 5008 and Citroën C5 Aircross, and its styling will be a development of the current Vauxhall theme as the first car from the brand to be designed under full PSA ownership.

Vauxhall’s SUV naming structure for its SUVs suggests the new model will follow the ‘- X’ naming structure. It will be the largest car on the Vauxhall fleet, suggesting that it will get the full raft of safety technologies that the brand champions. 

It’s unlikely to be priced above its Citroën and Peugeot siblings, given Vauxhall’s current brand positioning in the PSA Group, but a sporty GSi variant - a badge recently introduced on the Insignia and reported to be spreading to other models - is not off the table. 

A Vauxhall spokesman could not be swayed on whether the lack of grille in the preview image suggests that the car will get a fully electric variant or not. 

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WallMeerkat 9 November 2017

Where is this going to fit in

Where is this going to fit in in between the MokkaX, CrosslandX and GrandadX?

opelvaux 13 November 2017

WallMeerkat wrote:

WallMeerkat wrote:

Where is this going to fit in in between the MokkaX, CrosslandX and GrandadX?

It is planned to sit along side the Insignia as the 2nd flagship of the range.  I'm still no clear on the future of the Mokka X though.  It is the 3rd biggest selling Vauxhall/Opel behind the Corsa and Astra however so it would be crazy to not have a successor to the Mokka X but the Crossland X is too close a product in my eyes.  The only real market difference is that 4x4 is an option on the Mokka X.

On another note - I am hoping now that Tina Muller is gone the silly names will stop!  Cascada, Crossland X, Grandland X and Adam (should have stuck with the concept name of Junior or even Maxx).