Insignia-based coupe is under discussion
25 July 2008

The Vauxhall Calibra could be making a come back, Autocar can exclusively reveal.

GM insiders reveal that a business case is being considered for launching a large Vauxhall coupe based on the recently revealed Insignia.

It’s expected to be a sporty two-door model, whose design would be based on the Insignia’s original GTC concept car, which was revealed at the Geneva motor show in March 2007.

“We’re not ruling it out,” said our Vauxhall source, “we know that there are plenty more possibilities for the Insignia (beyond the hatch and saloon).”

If a new Calibra gets the production green light, it wouldn’t be ready until at least 2011. The next Insignia variant will be the estate, which will make its debut at the Paris motor show and arrive in showrooms by spring 2009. According to GM design boss Mark Adams it will be sleeker and more rakish than the Vectra wagon it replaces, but with similar load space.

Vauxhall’s keen to get the Insignia estate, saloon and hatchback variants established in the market before giving further consideration to a Calibra successor.

But another GM insider spoke of strong support within the company for a new Calibra, as it would confirm that GM is taking alluring design more seriously. “We want to be seen as design leaders, and niche models such as coupes are a good way of doing it,” said our well-placed source.

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26 July 2008

Oh dear.. I love the idea but the Insignia is huge! its a barge and would look even more odd than those squashed Passats they are flogging now.

I had a Calibra and yes..yes It was just a modified Cavalier or whatever but it seated four in comfort with a decent boot but wasn't a massive car, it was lowered and stiffened but not an uncomfortable ride, looked stunning in gun grey with grey trim. The engine was a lovely NON-TURBO zingy 150bhp unit, without a turbo to mess with the power delivery and too much bulk to tow it poodled nicely but could spin up great performance in a blink. The suspension and big fat tyres gave excellent grip. The steering was bad, reasonably accurate but very wooden. Overall a very pleasant experience but not one for the Insignia chassis. Its a lot more than taking 2 inches out the roof pillars. Perhaps the Astra chassis would be more like it?


28 July 2008

The calibra did not sit 4 adults comfortably for sure and it was only good in the day for straight line acceleration. handling was a joke

if the new one goes by anything like the old school cavalibra im sure they will only sell to council estate giro's like vauxhall usually sell to

29 July 2008

Or people who skipped too many English classes at school.


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