£343,000 price tag hasn't put off two buyers; LFA dealership to be based in London
22 October 2009

Europe's only Lexus LFA dealership will be on Park Lane, London - and two UK customers have already placed orders for the £343,000 car.

In total, Toyota UK has predicted it will sell 17 cars, which will be built in two batches for delivery in 2011 and 2012.

The dealership will employ an LFA specialist, who will be charged with looking after all European customers for the car.

However, Toyota insiders have insisted they are not worried about selling the full quota of 500 LFAs that the company has said it is prepared to build.

Instead, they point to the fact that the car has been built to build Toyota and Lexus's image as a maker of exciting cars.

They also concede that the car is unprofitable, even at this price - something not helped by the fact that the car has a carbonfibre tub, and only shreas five parts with any other Lexus or Toyota.

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22 October 2009

[quote Autocar]

Two Lexus LFAs sold in UK


Good, then they only have to find another 498 idiots worldwide, shouldn't be a problem.
I guess most buyers will be found in the US.

22 October 2009

If they really wanted to be known as a purveyor of exciting cars, why the hell did they stop developing the MR2 and Celica? Those were fantastic cars, and now the Mazda MX-5 is pretty much the only model left in that segement (that's the only one I can think of, at least).

Those were cars which could actually be seen in showrooms, livening the place up. Walking into a Toyota dealership since the sporting models were axed is like crossing to the other side of the river Styx.

22 October 2009

How anyone is not excited at the prospect of an electric Auris I will never know.

(You best get excited, or Gordon will get the Stasi to bring you in for 'aspiration modification' before long)

22 October 2009

Two Lexus LFAs sold in UK

the headline here should have been:

braking news: Confirmed - the Lexus London & Edimburgh will have each an LFA on display

and that`s it!!!!



22 October 2009

So the bosses of Toyota UK and Lexus UK have ordered their's on company discount...

22 October 2009

No, icusnove,

try the Emirates or maybe the Sultan of Brunie will by them all for his extended family!

Peter Cavellini.

22 October 2009

Does anyone else see Lexus' problem in the LFA?

To me it looks like the Noble M600; £200k - 650bhp, Lexus £343k - 552bhp...

23 October 2009

Completely agree, i note in the performance write up they wax lyrical about the power over 6k revs. Whilst appreciating this car is substantially faster than my Celica T-sport, it is also substantially more expensive, and on the road how can anyone expect to enjoy the LF-A high end power without risking a prison sentence?

If you want excitement, the T-Sport was brilliant when kept over 6k revs, and more than a match for BMW 330i's, Audi TT's etc.

So, quite why Toyota/Lexus feel a 300k plus supercar will make them an interesting manufacturer when they have discontinued Celica's. Mr2's and Supra's is difficult to understand.

The only car i'd consider now is the IQ for my 2 mile jaunt to work in rush hour traffic.

As for the Lexus part of Toyota, I own an LS430 and would not swap that for the new LS460 or 600 hybrid's as having test driven them, they are not as silky smooth and refined, which in those types of cars is what you want. Therfore, they are going backwards in this segment, yet prices rise.

The LF-A will be a disaster, much as the SC430 was in it's segment. If a mainstream manufacturer is going to build a supercar, they have to have cheaper sports cars on offer, otherwise the hard working people who can afford such supercars will go for manufacturer's they know have a reputation for fast and furious cars.

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