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Lexus supercar price revealed, plus videos and picture gallery
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21 October 2009

The Lexus LFA supercar has been unveiled, and will cost 375,000 euros (£343,000).

Powered by a 552bhp 4.8-litre V10, the Lexus LF-A hits 0-62mph in 3.7sec and has a top speed of 202mph. Just 500 cars will be built.

Autocar has driven the Lexus LFA, and you can read our review, see our hi-res picture galleries and watch the videos by following the links below.

First drive reviewLexus LFA driven

Picture galleryHi-res Lexus LFA pictures

VideosAutocar meets the Lexus LFA

Lexus LF-A laps the 'Ring

Video tour of the Lexus LFA

NewsLexus LFA costs £343,000

Q+A, Lexus LFA's chief engineer

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21 October 2009

WTF? 343.000? No way!

21 October 2009


21 October 2009

I had to have a look at my calendar to make sure it wasn't April 1st.

£343,000??? Maybe they throw in a house as well, either that or the accountants were smoking a particularly strong herb?

21 October 2009

'Jap innovation' - re. Mr Chas Hallett.

the only innovation here is thinking you can charge over-monied morons twice the cost of a new Merc SLS for an obvious Euro-design pilfered, hideous lash-up, that would shame an aftermarket kit maker. Let's see if the taxpayer bailed-out City banksters throw their hard-earned(ha ha) at this piece of excrement.

21 October 2009

I saw (and heard) the LF-A last September at the Nurburgring whilst I was there doing my Nissan GT-R Race Academy day. It sounds astonishing - more F1 than M5 but ... 375,000 Euros is a little steep even considering its relatively limited production run.

It needs more power and more torque to make it stand head and shoulders over a GT-R in terms of performance and to make it a more desirable proposition than its European rivals, oh - and the a**e end is ugly....

21 October 2009

I love the noise, I like the fact that they built it and I quite like the styling. But £343,000?????

Surely this car will square up against the 599? You could get a 599 and an SLS for one LF-A.....It looks like Lexus got greedy trying to recoup the development costs.

They were never going to make a profit anyway so why bother trying to rake a few extra £'s back when you just end up looking stupid?

21 October 2009

I agree completely, more power and performance than a Gt-R would make a strong case for it self... Though while no beauty i would not call it ugly

21 October 2009

another pointless Toyota!

1575Kg -> 560PS -> 325Km/h -> 314.000 Eur?

give me anyday the Lamborghini Gallardo 560-4 or the 550-2 Balboni...

So, even if we need to wait until the end of 2010, why burn money this way, if we can get the McLaren MP4-4C, and we do not need to be submited to the two-year 500 units lottery...

(maybe, they need to do the final tuning&development - and, of course, try another time to finish the Nürburgring lap...)


so, and to service the crap, were we should head for? the usual Lexus dealer?

ok, we will arrive there, we will get the red carpet, the usual coffee&newspaper and then?

we will be offered the useless curtesy hybrid, for what, to offset the carbon emissions?


21 October 2009

It looks good and sounds good but £343,000 is too much money.

The upcoming Ferrari 458 0-62 3.4 sec and a top speed of over 200mph........... the cost of all of this £150,000, now let me see.....

21 October 2009


I'll have an RS6, a GTR, and a new 911 instead please...

This is ridiculous!


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