Full details of the first modern Gordini model
25 November 2009

The historic Gordini name is to return with this car, the Twingo Gordini Renaultsport. On sale next March, the model is based on a standard Twingo Renaultsport 133 and gets a series of styling additions to earn the Gordini name. No prices have been released yet, but the car is expected to cost around £14,000, around £1600 more than the standard Renaultsport Twingo Cup.

A brief history of Gordini

See more pictures of the Twingo Gordini Renaultsport here

The Gordini modifications include metallic blue or black paintwork, two white racing stripes, gloss black front and rear bumper sections, and a white finish on the fog lamp surrounds, exterior door mirror housings and rear tailgate spoiler. Buyers also get 17-inch alloys, with the inner rim finished in blue or black.

Gordini Series badging either side refers back to the 1960s heyday of the Gordini Cup in France, when the qualifying heats of the different race meetings were known as "series".

Other changes include sports seats, blue leather door panel inserts, a blue and black leather steering wheel, a Gordini badged gearknob and a leather-trimmed dash cowl.

Extra equipment over the Renaultsport 133 includes automatic climate control, automatic headlamp activation, automatic wiper activation, cruise control, a speed limiter, fully disconnectable ESP, extra-tinted rear windows and individual sliding rear seats.

As with the standard Renaultsport, buyers can specify a Cup chassis for a lower ride height and stiffer springs and dampers, curtain airbags, an electrically-operated panoramic sunroof. A Gordini key fob and Gordini carpet mats are also options.

Our Verdict

Renault Twingo 2008-2013

The Renault Twingo is fun, versatile and only slightly flawed. It’s a great effort

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The return of Gordini is being masterminded by Renault Design, and future Gordini models are not expected to be based on Renaultsport models.

A Clio Gordini is expected to be revealed at next year's Geneva motor show, based on the Renault Clio GT. Following that, a Megane Gordini is the next model under discussion, although even if it is given the go-ahead, it is not expected to be launched until 2011.

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25 November 2009

Just a bunch of kit added to a small car. If you need leather seats and that kind of stuff, than maybe this car is for you. Actually I don´t get it, only a bunch of marketing.

25 November 2009

I really can't see the point. Gordini has absolutely no kudos outside of France, and what's going on with the spec? It's just a luxurious version of the RS.

The Gordini brand died when? in the early 70's? Cooper and Abarth have way more brand recognition, they never truly diseappeared.

25 November 2009

Shame on renault - absolutely pointless and a missed opportunity. Not sure about Abarth having more brand perception than Gordini - at least in the UK where there were Renault Gordinis until the mid 80s whereas no Abarths. However, what Fiat has done with Abarth is far better, more relevant and true to the spirit - performance versions which can be tuned and modified further, exactly what this should be about.

25 November 2009

The Gordini name disappered soon after Monsieur Gordini retired. Considering he was know as "the sourcerer for extracting significantly more power from Renault's engine this re-use of his name would appear to be inappropriate.

The early Gordini models also had serious handling tweaks and brake upgardes. Now it seems to just extra trim options!

If anything this seems more like the brief use of the Gordini badge to sell the Renault 17 in the USA.

25 November 2009

Yes, Gordini may have died in the 70's, but so what?, lots of names from the past have come back RS being just one of them, i'm sure you could name more, and plus i'm kind of getting bored with "R" getting stamped on the rear of every special edition, it's type R this or R32 that, a name from the PAST does no harm.

Peter Cavellini.

25 November 2009

I like it, and I know it's just extra kit and fancy paint, but does the Twingo really need to be any faster? Yes, Fiat have Abarth, but Renault have Renaultsport to compete with that. Maybe they'd have been better naming their sporty models 'Gordini' from the word go. Still, I like the blue two-tone alloys :-P

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

25 November 2009

But the 70s Gordini was a type R of its day and the new one is not, so why bother with the name for just a pair of go faster stripes?

Even the Escort RS1600i was a better effort than that.

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