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Toyota's seven-seat MPV version of its Prius hybrid could be sold in the UK
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26 May 2010

Toyota will launch a seven-seat MPV version of its Prius hybrid next March - and it could go on sale in the UK.

Called Prius Alpha, it could get an upgrade to lithium ion batteries.

See the Toyota Prius seven-seater MPV rendering

The new variant will sit on the same basic platform as the regular model and use the same 1.8-litre petrol engine, but it will offer a third row of seats. The car’s bodywork will be around 300mm longer than the regular car’s.

The switch to a lithium ion battery for the seven-seat Alpha (a five-seater will stick with the Prius’s nickel metal hydride pack) should bring gains in power and range. But the Alpha’s extra weight will still result in a slight drop in fuel economy, to around 70mpg.

A Toyota spokesman said that it wasn't clear if the car would go on sale in the UK, but added: "We are committed to introducing hybrids in all sectors of the market."

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25 May 2010

Launching in March - any idea what that translates to for an "on the road" date in the UK?

25 May 2010

Personally I think it looks hideous!

25 May 2010

Personally I think it looks rodius!

25 May 2010

Personally I think it looks like a really bad photoshop job.

26 May 2010

this takes bland to another level!!!!

26 May 2010

To be honest it looks like the new Verso I`ve just bought !

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