Currently reading: Top Range Rover to cost £125k
New range-topper will push Range Rover even further upmarket

Land Rover is confident that the new Range Rover can establish a foothold in the super-luxury SUV segment prior to the launch of forthcoming rivals from Bentley, Lamborghini and Aston Martin Lagonda.

The firm tested the waters for a £125,000 Range Rover with the 2011 Autobiography Ultimate Edition, and the success of that model has encouraged Land Rover to push the Mk4 Range Rover into a higher price segment.

See pictures of the Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition

“The Ultimate Edition shows there’s an opportunity to go up a notch in price,” said brand director John Edwards. “We tested the market for a reason. We always learn for future models.”

Edwards said he wasn’t initially sure how the market would respond to a £125k Range Rover. “I was quite nervous about it,” he said. “The top model before that was £90k, so it could have been interesting. But they all went straight out of the door. The rush in China, Russia and Middle East was huge, and the UK exceeded forecasts, too.”

Bentley previewed its first foray into the SUV segment with the EXP 9 F concept at the recent Geneva motor show, while the Lamborghini SUV will be previewed with a concept at next month’s Beijing motor show.

“Bentley and Lamborghini are entering the market and it’s exciting,” said Edwards. “We welcome them and are confident we can compete.”


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Citytiger 3 April 2012

Re: Top Range Rover to cost £125k

I am glad RR are going this route, its an individual product that is built and designed as a RR, the Bentley and Lambo are going to be posh Q7's, wich are posh Touareg, and that will be enough to put some wealthy buyers off, knowing their over priced SUV is just a badge engineered VW. The other problem is RR have history of Diesel engines, will a prospective Bentley or Lambo driver put up with a Diesel.

275not599 2 April 2012

Re: Top Range Rover to cost £125k

Lotus Man wrote:
What is it with car companies and boat decking on the back of cars?? Audi Rolls Now Land Rover?

Peugeot did it in the '60s. The problem is sliding and scratching, goods or dogs.

curious_insider 2 April 2012

Re: Top Range Rover to cost £125k

mrcliodCi wrote:
I recall seeing a new RR scoop photo a few months back that made it look much lower and much more contemporary than the current car (rather like a large Evoque) but I the latest photo states that that proposal has been shelved for a look much more akin to the breezeblock shape we know so well today.

that 'scoop' that you refer to was a set of heavily distorted camera phone images that let to a number of people speculating wildly on the fact that new RR would evoke the Evoque shape (see wot I done there?). It was tosh at the time and remains so - there was never any other shape in the planning other than this one. Range Rover Sport *might* take on more of an Evoque-y shape though, you never know......