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Tesla cabriolet, van and crossover revealed

Future derivatives of the Tesla Model S have been revealed in the company's presentation to Wall Street ahead of its flotation on the stock market.

The presentation plan clearly shows plans for a cabriolet, van and crossover to be spun off the same platform as the Model S.

See the Tesla product plan document

They will all have the battery pack mounted under the floor, so that the imapct on the car's dynamics is as small as possible.

It is also revealed that Tesla is developing a system to liquid-cool the electronics and motor, a complex process that will add to the cars' costs but which shiuld boost overall efficiency.

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kcrally 23 June 2010

Re: Tesla's cabriolet, crossover plans

i read a report (guardian or telegraph, forgotten which one) yesterday that tesla is effectively bankrupt, and relying on the stock market flotation to raise some cash. however we'll see how long it lasts after the initial offering. another case of don't believe the hype. aimed mainly at eco-celebrities it has a pretty small market, especially when mainstream manufacturers are now bringing out there own hybrid sports cars.

crashbangwallop 23 June 2010

Re: Tesla's cabriolet, crossover plans

have these investors seen the Tesla?. It's build quality looks like its made out of washing up bottles and assembled in a garden shed.