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The stripped-out, tooled-up Model S comes with service and diagnostic equipment and a coffee machine for servicing on the go

The Tesla Model S has been transformed into a mobile servicing vehicle that will be used to carry out repairs to customer cars on location. 

The fleet of 21 repurposed, mobile service Model S cars are located at Tesla service centres across the UK, with other fleets elsewhere in the world bringing the total to around 350. 

Inside, the five rear seats (three on the back bench and two smaller seats in the boot) of the Model S are removed and replaced with a suite of tools on a rack of sliding trays, which itself slides out. Built-in tools include a compressor and charger for power tools – and a coffee machine. 

In the 'frunk' (the front-located boot), more tool storage has been facilitated by removing the carpet and reinforcing the floor for heavier items. Many of the converted cars are former loan cars, and all are wrapped into a uniform with Tesla branding on the sides.

Tesla managers worked with technicians to develop the kit, collaborating on the tools fitted, their accessibility and what is needed for a mobile repair. 

The conversion takes several hours to complete, although the tool unit's fitment has been simplified by making it a single item that bolts into the mounting points of the seats. 

Callouts for the mobile service vehicles are carried out within 72 hours and can be done without the owner present, as the cars can be opened by the owner via Tesla's smartphone app.

While at the moment these special Model Ss will be used for simpler repairs, the kit they come with could soon become more extensive - Tesla managers and technicians are discussing how to improve it - to enable more ambitious fixes.

Eventually, lower-level repairs will no longer require customers to take their car to a Tesla service centre, with the work instead being carried out on location.

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Ruperts Trooper 24 May 2018

Good Idea

Better than selling them!