Currently reading: Tesla Model S and X get over-the-air performance boost
Tesla claims Model S Performance 0-60mph time reduced to 2.3sec, with new 'Cheetah Stance' launch mode and "improved thermal endurance"

Tesla has rolled out another over-the-air software package for the Model S and X Performance variants, this time boosting performance and bringing claims of greater thermal efficiency.

The update is automatically installed in examples of the two models running the latest 'Raven' powertrain and is claimed to drop the Model S 0-60mph time from 2.5sec to 2.3sec. The Model X's is reduced from 2.7sec to 2.6sec. 

It's not immediately clear exactly how this performance boost is achieved (some US outlets are claiming a peak power increase) but the firm lists improvements to its launch control system as part of the update. The car can now adopt a 'Cheetah Stance', lowering the front axle and adjusting the damping to boost traction off the line. 

Just as intriguing are claims of "improved thermal endurance" with the new upgrades for "more back-to-back runs". Again, no detail of how this is achieved has been provided, but the update is likely a response to numerous tests claiming Porsche's new Taycan is more capable of repeatable launch performance without drop-off.

The update is one of countless upgrades that Tesla has rolled out free of charge to owners over the past few years. Software improvements have boosted range and added a variety of novel new features, including Dog and Sentry modes last year.


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Peter Cavellini 25 April 2020

Not a cracked Wheel.

 Had a Tyre blow because of a Red stone chip, that's how thin the walls are on a 35 ratio Tyre!

russ13b 25 April 2020


heavy car with tyres that low profile - ever had a flat because the wheel was cracked?

si73 25 April 2020

Can't imagine at that warp

Can't imagine at that warp speed acceleration you'd even notice the slight increase but as Peter says they are constantly striving to keep their cars competitive, however, whilst a taycan can repeatedly do these acceleration sprints, it also cost a fair bit more so isn't really a competitor is it? I see a few model S around my way and I reckon that they're a great looking car and whilst I've never travelled in one I have sat in one and thought it was a nice environment, too expensive for me but I do like them.
It would be interesting to know how these over the air updates achieve what they're claiming though.