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Interest in new A1 should help Audi sell more than one million units in 2010

The expected success of the Audi A1 should help the firm achieve its sales target of one million units in 2010, according to Audi’s sales chief.

Peter Schwarzenbauer said Audi had taken more orders for the new A1 in its first four weeks on sale than for any other model in its history.

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“In Europe, we will experience an additional [sales] boost with the A1,” he said. “We have been taking orders for the past four weeks, and so far have registered more orders than for any other model in such an early phase.”

Audi expects its 2010 sales to be 5.3 per cent higher than in 2009, boosted by sales of the new A7 and A8 models, as well as the A1.

In May, Audi’s global sales were 15 per cent higher than in 2009 as 94,900 units were registered. Audi’s sales growth was strongest in China, where it recorded growth of 40 per cent on the previous year.

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kash4011 10 June 2010

Re: Strong demand for Audi A1

jesus,i can only imagine that potential purchasers have a penchant,not only for a1's,but also labradors and tapping kerb stones with white sticks too....what a ugly little runt of a car!....bring back the pretty and beautifully proportioned a2 instead audi.

Flyingscud 10 June 2010

Re: Strong demand for Audi A1

Whilst it looks a great little car (thank heavens it has a round centre to the steering wheel, no more quartics, please), I can't believe the appallingly limited choice of colours, silver, greys, brown(!), dark blue (note all the promo cars are red). £350 extra gets the silver stripe they have been banging on about as the special styling feature, as well as £500 for the metallics. I'll wait for the 5 door and see what happens (but don't forget VAT goes up to 20% shortly!)

Lee23404 10 June 2010

Re: Strong demand for Audi A1

tonym911 wrote:
Lee23404 wrote:
the A3 was so much cheaper because of its better residuals so that's what I've gone for.
That's the bit I really don't get: VWs have excellent residual values. I'd be surprised if the A3 was better than the Golf. So why are VWs so dear to lease/buy?

No idea. I wanted the 2.0tdi GT Golf but even after adding £1,000 of options to the A3 it was still £50 a month cheaper on PCP.