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Open-top Seat Ibiza concept car to make its worldwide debut at the Worthersee GTI fan meet next week
Darren Moss
1 min read
21 May 2014

Seat is celebrating 30 years of the Ibiza with this open-top Cupster concept, which will be seen in the metal for the first time at the Volkswagen Group's Worthersee fan meet next week.

The model, which shares Seat's corporate front-end design but also includes a short, heavily-raked windscreen and wraparound side windows, wears a prominent Cupra badge at the front. That suggests the car will be powered by the same 1.4-litre TSI engine as the current Ibiza Cupra hatchback. Its power is also likely to be close to the 178bhp of that car.

At the rear, there’s a boot-mounted spoiler and prominent buttresses behind the two front seats.

Seat says it will reveal more information about the concept closer to the Worthersee event, but the Cupster will not be the only concept car from VW Group on display. Also confirmed is the Skoda CitiJet, an open-top variant of the Citigo with sporty accents and a 74bhp 1.0-litre petrol engine under the bonnet.

Audi will also be showing its new A3 Clubsport Quattro concept, which previews the upcoming RS3 saloon. Although details are unknown at the moment, a concept car from Volkswagen itself is also expected to be seen at the event.

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21 May 2014
same as, same as their golf cabrioloet. its a shame vw dont let seat develop more sexy coupe's and individual sporty halo models. a lovely little mx5 like roadster. a sporting 50k halo model, a half fat audi r8. a leon cupra sport with more power than the golf r. for the supposed sexy sporty brand in their catalogue, their range aint half dowdy. Sort of the same as skoda. or maybe they should have let seat sit below skoda and downgrade it as their new budget range.

21 May 2014
Not the prettiest thing I have seen this week, or last week, or the week before..... and so on....

21 May 2014
Hopefully this will remain a concept and never be seen again.

21 May 2014
Its as if someone at VW looked at the Renault Wind and thought 'that'll make a great model for SEAT and Skoda'. Horrendous.

21 May 2014
This and the CitiJet aren't exactly exciting or indeed attractive 'concepts'. Maybe its VW's way of keeping the two companies in their place, whilst they themselves show something more appealing?

21 May 2014
What's the point? How much did this nonsense cost to create? Sort out your model range first, SEAT! Where's this crossover vehicle you've been promising for more years than I care to remember? That should be top priority instead of producing this. Probably have to wait another few years now before it sees the light of day, by which time most potential buyers will have lost interest and patience and taken their custom elsewhere.

21 May 2014
This concept is intended to celebrate 30 years of the Ibiza being on sale and it's a nod to the mk1 Ibiza cabrio concept, furthermore, this concept is intended to be shown at Worthersee where VW group cars are shown at their most extreme so there's no need to take this concept too seriously. Taking everything into account, i think its an exciting retro/futuristic concept that is good for the brand because the brand shouldn't need to take itself too seriously. Seats should be about beautiful or radical like the current Ibiza, Leon, Altea to demonstrate its appeal to its younger target audience. The conservative and dull should be left to VW because their target audience like that. People complaining about this concept should perhaps turn their attention to VW, besides, if this treatment was given to the Lambo Huracan then it would be a different story because let's face it, anything from Lambo is automatically exciting, beautiful and well received (even if it looks like a dog).

21 May 2014
3mocion wrote:

People complaining about this concept should perhaps turn their attention to VW

Why? I see a picture, I comment on it. You may well be sympathetic to Seat and excuse them of styling foibles, like here, so don't assume the same of everyone else like there's some ulterior motive. I don't like the look of this vehicle and I don't take it at all seriously, that's the long and the short of it.

21 May 2014
You obviously don't know about branding, target audience, design and you seem to have comments that have no basis of logic or intellect what-so-ever. It's like asking a child to comment what they think of something and them saying 'i like it' or i don't like it' (in slow motion). Your opinions are immature. I'll tell you something right now that all designers agree on, the best designs and concepts are ones that challenge people ideas and do not please everyone. There is no excuse to be made for their styling, i like it and you don't, but you have to take it as it is and considering this is a SEAT (which is known for being creative and design driven) and not a VW. Designers hate opinions and comments like yours because they give no direction or balance what so ever. You're a designer's worst nightmare for a critic. Imagine a world where designers asked you for comments about ideas and design proposals. It would be boring, innovative, unchallenged products that offered nothing new in way of experience. Luckily not everyone is like you because you can see, we are no longer in the stone age.

21 May 2014
3mocion: "boring, innovative, unchallenged products that offered nothing new in way of experience." That seems to describe SEAT under VW's ownership in the last 10 years. Don't get men wrong- I'm rooting for SEAT to thrive, I have respect for the brand, much more so than VW it seems. SEAT should stand for styling flair and sporting characteristics, it really should. They spent years developing the Cupra name and winning successive WRC titles in the 90's then the WTC in the 2000's (a real achievement and something that should have provided the foundation for SEAT's reputation as the VAG sporty brand) just to squander it all by developing a range of amorphous people carriers. Unforgivable.


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