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UK’s longest-surviving car brand takes its classic roadster into the modern age with two new special variants
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7 August 2020

Specialist British brand AC Cars has begun production of two limited-edition versions of the iconic Cobra roadster - including its first-ever battery-powered version. 

Joining the recent trend of electrifying classic models for the new age, the AC Cobra Series 1 electric is visually identical to the 1962 original. Just 58 will be made (a reference to the number of years since the original's launch) at a price of £138,000 plus on the road fees. Reservations can be made with a fully refundable £2500 fee. 

It’s powered by a 308bhp front-mounted electric motor mated to a 54kWh battery pack. AC Cars says a range of around 150 miles is possible, with a 0-60mph time of 6.7sec and a 120mph top speed also claimed. Despite the substantial weight this system adds, the car is claimed to tip the scales at under 1250kg, partly thanks to its composite body.

The traditional ladder-frame chassis remains, albeit adapted to fit the new drivetrain. AC has also uprated the steering and brakes to “provide ultimate 2020 standards of ride and handling which do not compromise the 1962 style and appeal”. The interior will retain “traditional” features, and four colours are available. Deliveries will start at the end of the year. 

Also available is the AC Cobra 140 Charter Edition. Again, it looks almost exactly like the original, but uses a Ford Mustang-derived 2.3-litre turbo four-cylinder engine putting out 350bhp.This translates to a 0-60mph of 6.0sec and a 120mph top speed. 

The Charter Edition is, unsurprisingly, far cheaper than the EV version, with a retail price of £85,000. Again, just 58 versions will be produced, though a wider suite of colours is offered. 

A new V8-powered version of the revived sports car has also recently been revealed. Taking its power from a 6.2-litre supercharged Chevrolet engine, as found in the C7-generation Corvette ZO6, the Cobra 378 Superblower MkIV is now on sale from £129,500.


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1 July 2020

Won't be the same without a V8 under the bonnet! 

That's progress I suppose!

1 July 2020

It's great that there's an electric option.  But for those of us who prefer burning petrol, why didn't they stick with a V8?  Preferably a 427...


2 July 2020

No, this isnt progress. Its pointless sacrilege.

Whats the point, its not as if anyone will do high mileage in one - as someone else said like metal without a guitar.

Frankly, onlookers will just laugh at you!

1 July 2020

 Sorry, but, £138,000.00 for a possible 120 mile range, and not that much quicker than my car parked outside?, even the other model with an ICE Engine is any quicker, I guess there must be some pockets easy picked to see these.

1 July 2020

As appealing as grape-free wine, or metal without guitar.

1 July 2020

Never understood the apeal of the Cobra and its ugly as ****.

1 July 2020

It's an Ace rather than a Cobra isn't it?

1 July 2020
Nickktod wrote:

It's an Ace rather than a Cobra isn't it?

Good point well made.

Showing your age there, Nick!

1 July 2020

Why is it so slow? The 2.3 puts out more power than in the Mustang, yet the car, despite being hundreds of Kilos less heavy, is slower than a 2.3 Mustang.

None of which alters the fact without a V8 its hardly a Cobra, and with the miles it will do, hardly going to melt much of the arctic either so i dont see any point to the EV version. In fact i would wager it will do more harm to the planet mining for the batterys given the tiny mieage it will do, than running its whole life on dinosaur juice


1 July 2020
Hmmm this terrible for thisniconoc car to go on this route.

Old is better


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