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The XE SV Project 8 is quicker and more powerful than any other Jaguar ever - we've met its maker

Jaguar has revealed its XE SV Project 8 as the quickest and most powerful model the brand has ever created, and we've caught up with JLR's Special Operations' MD to get his thoughts.

What was the inspiration for the XE SV Project 8?

“The XE is the most dynamic, nimble and best-handling saloon car we’ve got and we thought: why don’t we put the most powerful engine we’ve got in the lightest, smallest [car] we’ve got and see what happens? A crazy idea, but it seemed like fun.”

Is this a halo car for Jaguar or a showcase for SVO?

“It ticks three boxes. It’s a halo for XE and a halo for Jaguar, and it’s a really important car for SVO. It helps to build our brand.”

What does this demonstrate about SVO’s capabilities?

“We’re three years old as a business and the Project 7 was the first Collector’s Edition car we did. The fact we’re building this car ground up at our facility is important as well. Once we’ve proven our abilities there, if you think about it, we can do anything.”

What has the initial reaction to the Project 8 been like?

“We know from conversations with customers that people are loving it. Our customers are discerning, enthusiastic and demanding. It’s a great relationship. We’ve developed a good relationship with most of the Project 7 customers and they kept asking us: ‘What’s next?’ They almost coined the phrase Project 8 before we did. They were saying to us: ‘What’s Project 8 going to be?’ When we told them we didn’t know we were going to do one yet, they said: ‘Don’t care – put me down for it anyway.’”

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Hedonist 28 June 2017


What 'marker' said.

I don't begrudge SVO having fun, but can't they have fun once the more mainstream cars are in place.

marker 28 June 2017

And the one question we all wanted an answer to was...

... will we see an R and/or SVR of the XE, XF, F Pace any time soon - a mainstream production version that most of us might have a hope of affording to buy ?

How many more £150k 'halo' one-offs to demonstrate SVO's capabilities do we really need ?