Currently reading: Production Land Rover Discovery Sport revealed in miniature
Scale models of the Land Rover Discovery Sport reveal the car's final design ahead of its September launch

Undisguised versions of the upcoming Land Rover Discovery Sport have been spotted online – in miniature form.

The images of the new Land Rover, which is due to be officially revealed on 3 September, show what is reputed to be the finalised design.

It's clear that little has changed cosmetically from the prototypes that have been recently spotted undergoing trials, which took their design cues from the earlier Discovery Vision Concept.

Visible details include a panoramic sunroof, as seen in the previous interior shots, the green Land Rover badge and 'Discovery' badging on the nose.

The orange and black colour scheme of one of the models, coincidentally, also echoes that of the Vision Concept shown at the Beijing motor show.

Land Rover's new seven-seat SUV is set to rival the likes of the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Porsche Macan.

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TStag 26 August 2014

I suspect this car makes

I suspect this car makes complete sense when you see the full product plans. Firstly I understand why people think this looks like the rumoured Evoque XL but if you compare the Evoque to the spy suits you will see it actually looks quite different. Compare the waist lines. An Evoque XL would be much sleeker.

I also doubt this will replace the Freelander. If you look at Land Rovers own plans as leaked by Autocar about a year ago then you will note there is meant to be a baby Freelander, a 5 seater, a seven seater and a replacement for the current Disco. Is there any evidence the Freelander goes out of production when this comes in? I think it may go when the Disco 5 seater appears! And that's probably closer than we realise.

Also if you think this model blurs the lines between the Range Rover and the current Land Rover models you will start to see that's deliberate. The new defender will be closer I think to the current Discovery in style so the Discovery range needed softening up.

Check out the leaked plans from about a teat ago and this makes lots of sense.

jatters 26 August 2014

Not boxy, so not for me

I bought a 2013 Freelander (and a 2009 model before it) precisely because I liked the boxy shape (amongst other reasons of course). If we can see the shape properly from these models, and previous photos, it's unfortunately my last, and I'll now look elsewhere. I can appreciate the luggage improvements of course (though I don't really need it) and no doubt there will be other welcome improvements, but, for me, that does not overcome a change to a squashed-down, Evoque style, back.
Harry P 26 August 2014

A Dinky design!

Surprised no one has already commented on this being a Dinky design, with Hot wheels and the perfect vehicle to transport the Corgis! However, despite the Discovery name, this is a replacement for the Freelander and therefore needs to fit in to the market successfully occupied by the previous model. JLR seem to have succeeded in achieving a design that shows evolution from the Freelander and incorporates the latest family design. They have also addressed my only criticism of the Freelander, which was a shortage of luggage space. So far all looks good for this being top of my list when next changing.