Currently reading: Porsche Project Gold confirmed with 3.6-litre 444bhp twin-turbo engine
Original 993 Turbo engine has been newly made for the restomod project; 444bhp matches the original 993 Turbo’s performance

Porsche is to reveal a special restomod project created by its Porsche Classic division, based on a 993-generation 911 Turbo, which is confirmed to have the 993's 444bhp biturbo 3.6-litre flat six engine.

The Project Gold car, which is still under wraps, is being slowly revealed through a series of previews showing the process of creating it, with the theme of the project being a gold and black colour scheme. 

The car’s shape in sketches and unpainted body were shown in the first preview, followed by its wheels. 993 Turbo hollow-spoke Twist wheels are shown being painted and details etched into the paintwork.

The seats, also finished in black with gold highlights, bear the Porsche 911’s recognisable Turbo script, giving more clues as to the car’s identity. 

Porsche has built the 993 Turbo's 444bhp biturbo engine from scratch, rather than taking an existing engine from a donor car. Work was undertaken by Porsche's Classics division, with the finished car having taken around 18 months to complete.

The car will be a one-off. Porsche hasn’t confirmed whether it will produce more restomods in the same vein but says "a vehicle like this has never existed before". 

Porsche will reveal a new detail of the car’s completion each week before a final reveal at Pebble Beach's Monterey Car Week on 24 August.

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voicekiller 21 August 2018

Nice try

Go ahead and paint it black and gold. It still won't be as cool as a Lotus.

Peter Cavellini 20 August 2018

I like Spam!

 Didn’t Williams developed such an engine for Singer........??

Lanehogger 20 August 2018

Never mind this 911....

Shame we couldn't see more of the 959 lurking in the backgorund of one of the photos. My all time favourite car!