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An all-electric SUV production model is likely to sit alongside the Mission E in Porsche's zero-emission line-up

Porsche is testing an SUV-coupé model, understood to be a second electric model to sit alongside a production version of the Mission E concept.

Porsche Mission E spotted testing

Such a move reflects an internal roadmap leaked last year, which identified an electric SUV-esque model as the second zero-emission car for the brand’s electric line-up.

While Autocar sources have confirmed there is no official greenlight for the project, the economies of scale achieved with the Mission E mean there is a strong chance it will get the go ahead – and shortly.

It is expected to make production early in the next decade, and we expect the recent images of the car testing will first manifest themselves publicly as a Mission E-SUV concept. However, that concept is unlikely until at least 2018.

While some reports have called it a Porsche Cayenne coupé, insiders say it is not necessarily linked to the popular SUV model, although it could share certain chassis components.

Design and engineering-wise, it’s thought to be a mixture of the Mission E and sibling firm Audi’s Q6 e-tron Quattro, which is due in 2018. While Porsche’s electric vehicles are set to use two electric motors, Audi is opting for three, which would be more commensurate with the Porsche SUV’s size.

The concept Q6 used power from three motors – one mounted up front, sending drive to the front wheels, and the remaining two sited at the rear, acting on the rear wheels – and a similar set-up is expected in the final model. However, both car maker’s platforms support four-wheel drive.

Porsche has already confirmed the production version of its Mission E concept, and a mule was recently spotted testing on the roads, suggesting it is on course for a 2020 launch.

The Stuttgart car maker faces tough competition in the electric SUV market, with Jaguar Land Rover rumoured to be building an electric SUV model, while the Volkswagen Group rivalry between Porsche and Audi means this car will directly compete with the Q6 e-tron quattro.

Additional reporting by Greg Kable


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Cobnapint 10 August 2016

So now.....

it looks set to include batteries.
abkq 10 August 2016

This Autocar sketch shows a

This Autocar sketch shows a very good-looking car indeed.

I remember a recent Autocar rendering of a proposed Mercedes electric? sports car that looks way better than any Mercedes sports car in production.

So who are these talented Autocar designers-in-waiting?

Kris Culmer 11 August 2016

The renderings are done by

The renderings are done by our picture editor, Ben Summerell-Youde.

lazybear 11 August 2016


Who trained as a car designer before joining Autocar in 2011.
Ski Kid 10 August 2016

great for dwarfs in the back

or very small children,it does look very tight for luggage and rear headroom, I am sure there is some market for it but for out and out drivability the 911 awd would be way better.
concinnity 10 August 2016

Who are the buyers

Just who are the people that are buying these awkward 'fastbacks'?