Currently reading: Polestar 2 recalled globally due to faulty battery inverters
Polestar confirms recall and service campaign affects UK; repair can be made in one workshop visit

Polestar has announced it will recall the majority of its Polestar 2 models sold globally to replace faulty battery inverters.

First UK deliveries for the electric fastback began back in the summer, with Polestar confirming that a total of 360 UK cars are affected by the recall. Globally, the figure is 4586. US deliveries haven't yet started. 

The inverter is the device that transforms the energy held in the batteries into the power used by the motors. It’s not clear what the exact problem is, but it has already been resolved, with sales to customers continuing and all undelivered 2s set to be updated before handover.

Customers are warned that delivery delays are likely, however.

A statement confirmed that communication will be sent to affected customers from today by email. It's claimed that the issue can be resolved “in a single workshop visit”. 

Polestar has also begun a service campaign to replace faulty High Voltage Coolant Heater (HVCH) parts in early production models. A total of 138 UK models are affected by the problem, which could affect both cabin and high-voltage battery heating. 

At the same time, the company is taking the opportunity to upgrade all affected cars to be compatible with over-the-air software updates. Set to be rolled out soon, this will allow the brand to push new software to customers remotely and easily. 

It’s not the first recall issued for the 2. Just last month, it was reported that some early examples faced power delivery issues while driving, with Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath stating the issue happened “in very, very rare cases”. It was dealt with via a software update.


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soldi 2 November 2020

2 recalls in 2 months

That's why they call it 2

WinstonAlexanderson 2 November 2020

Mr King

Your Oxford level writing screams a Sir title, however I must rightfully disagree. Imagine that lovely wife of yours going for a lovely drive around Staines, at 60mph your vehicles loses all power due to a faulty inverter and her face gets smashed through the windscreen as the car has no electricity to function. That, will bring your assumptions back down to earth. V90 fan or not, Volvo ain't what it used to ve, and Polestar is just a half assed money grab attempt by Geely.
mrking 2 November 2020

Can't see the big deal

Mr Winston you sound a charming and intelligent individual.

I did 2 minutes on google and China has approximately 20 times the UK population and maybe 25 times the number of car related deaths, so I can't see that you're right about "chinese death machines".

I personally wouldn't buy the first of any new car, but I can't see this is a massive deal, there's so much new with this car in particular and electric cars in general that I think all things considered, they're doing well.

My wife's V90 seems to me the opposite of a death machine, it does everything you could reasonably think of to keep people inside and outside alive and well.