First deliveries will begin in the spring; priced from less than £20k
2 February 2010

These are the first pictures of the Peugeot RCZ testing on UK roads.

Development of the RCZ is at an advanced stage and the first deliveries will begin in the spring. These pictures from an Autocar reader show the car testing on roads around Coventry.

Exclusive Peugeot RCZ spy pics

The 2+2 Audi TT rival, which was unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show last year, will have a choice of three engines and two trims.

The cheapest model – and the only one with a list price of less than £20,000 – will have the 1.6-litre THP 156 engine and a manual gearbox. Among its standard equipment will be alloy wheels, sports front seats, dual-zone air-conditioning, and a host of safety kit, including four airbags and ESP.

Models with the 2.0 HDI 163 diesel engine cost £1800 more than the equivalent car with the THP 156 engine.

The flagship of the range will have the 200bhp version of the 1.6 THP engine, which comes only with the upper trim level and costs £24,500.

The RCZ’s basic structure is shared with ‘Platform 2’ cars such as the 308, but it gets a 20mm ride height reduction, a 40mm lower centre of gravity and wider front and rear tracks to deliver a sharper drive.

The car will spearhead Peugeot’s return to producing stylish, fun to drive cars. Hybird and open-top versions are also set to be launched.

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Our Verdict

Peugeot RCZ

The RCZ is a classy, interesting, fun coupé that shows Peugeot has got its mojo back

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2 February 2010

over the years i have been a fan of much that Peugeot has done. But this doesnt look right. If the rear lights were clear instead or red there wouldnt be much of a clue as to which way it was facing.

Still beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But the way it drives isnt. Lets hope its a fresh start for them.

2 February 2010

I rather like the outlining shape of the RCZ, I just wish they had the fore thought to ditch the 308 face for something more elegant to match the rest of the car. Still, I like it though

2 February 2010

I hope it hasnt broken down at the side of the road, in all seriousness I dont think its a bad looking thing.

2 February 2010

That ugly fishmouth face spoils this car. How ironic that it will be the last Peugeot to get this style of front end. Its supposed to be their best looking model.

Side on view is not great either - bonnet is too big and high. (squashed beetle...?)

2 February 2010

More than a hint of the VW Karman Ghia in the general outline.

2 February 2010

Why haven't Peugeot tried to cash in on their Le Mans success by producing a proper RWD diesel Sportscar. Instead of this FWD 'Coupe'......

2 February 2010

When I forst saw this car I liked it but now all I see is original Audi tt that's eaten all the pies and then had that awful Peugeot face stuck on it. Ifonlyit had the new sleeker 508 style face t mht be better

2 February 2010

[quote ewallace1]original Audi tt that's eaten all the pies [/quote]

Spot on.

...and they've gone straight to its hips.

It does look rather like the old TT, but will I suspect be slower. There's progress for you.

2 February 2010

[quote Johnnytheboy]It does look rather like the old TT, but will I suspect be slower. There's progress for you[/quote]

Yes, I thought that too, it looks like they've taken an original TT and and got the moulding clay out, but it's still a nice car. Im liking the brushed steel C pillars and the bubbled glass at the rear

4 February 2010

Ha ha, thats my brother driving that car!

Nice change from the usual hum drum boring cars Pug have been churning out of late and also announces the change in design team at Pug.

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