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Land Rover boss says new Range Rover Evoque, revealed at Paris, creates 'baby premium' segment
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1 October 2010

Land Rover's boss says he wants the new Range Rover Evoque to follow the original Range Rover and "create a new segment of the market" when it arrives in showrooms next summer.

Phil Popham said he believes the production Evoque, revealed today at the Paris motor show, has the potential to kick-start a new 'baby premium' area of the market.

"Historically Land Rover has a record on creating new market segments or at least guiding them in another direction," he said. "Think back to the original Range Rover, the Freelander or the Range Rover Sport. We're optimistic that Evoque can achieve the same."

John McIlroy's blog: How LRX became Evoque

Popham also confirmed the Evoque will herald a fresh move upmarket for the Range Rover marque. "Range Rover is luxury, Land Rover is versatility and practicality," he said. "The Evoque has helped to define our brand positioning. It says a lot about where Range Rover can go in the future."



Two specs of 2.2-litre turbodiesel powerplants, with 148bhp and 187bhp, will form the bulk of sales of the Evoque in the UK. Both of the models will have stop-start as standard when accompanied by a manual gearbox.

There will also be a petrol version, using a 237bhp variant of Ford's turbocharged 2.0-litre Ecoboost engine.


Front-drive 148bhp diesel will return 58mpg and less than 130g/km of CO2 when paired with a manual gearbox (adding two driven wheels will cost you 8mpg and more than 15g/km).

But the oil-burners and the petrol motor will also be offered with four-wheel drive and an updated six-speed auto transmission; it's controlled via the rising circular selector from the Jaguar XF.


A full-length panoramic roof will be on the list, but if you don't want glass, contrasting paint colours of lid will also be available as a no-cost option.

Inside, you can spec a dual-view TFT screen for simultaneous sat-nav and television display, and upgrade the stereo to a 1200W, 17-speaker Meridian system.

Other options include park assist, dual-zone climate control with a timer facility, a powered tailgate, adaptive headlights and a heated windscreen.


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Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque draws heavily on style as a selling point, but also possesses the substance to back it up

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22 September 2010

As expected the radical chic of the concept's alluring interior is discarded in place of a pastiche dash of a Range Rover. Shame, but an interesting fashion vehicle, nevertheless.

Reliability? Durability? No stastistics yet available, as they say in auto mags.

22 September 2010

I do like the look of this, though from a practical point of view the rear visibility looks awful. I think the dashboard design looks good too, with a sort of chunkier version of Volvo's floating centre console.

22 September 2010

I will wait to see how it drives but the profile looks crass to me and the back seat has to be claustrophobic, maybe even the front. Great optional extra: a forward looking camera. But people bought the X6 so what do I know?

Memo to Land Rover: add two doors and sell way more, but don't forget to put a "Mind your head" sign on the side of the roof, in stylish chrome script, of course.

22 September 2010

[quote Autocar]create a new segment of the market[/quote]

What, you mean the one for similar to the regular vehicle but with a lower roofline and more style? Sorry boys, VW beat you to it.

22 September 2010

[quote Los Angeles]As expected the radical chic of the concept's alluring interior is discarded in place of a pastiche dash of a Range Rover. [/quote]

Don't you think you are being a bit harsh? Aside from the fact it has slightly less polished stainless steel, no iphone holder, and no silly mood lighting, the interior is pretty similar to the concept's. Much closer in fact than many of us had feared.

22 September 2010

[quote 275not599]But people bought the X6 so what do I know?[/quote]

You are right to make the comparison. The X6 started the niche in my opinion, so cutting off two doors hardly does justice to Land Rover's claim of starting a new market segment.

The dashboard/console is the only redeeming feature for me.

22 September 2010

The interior looks good .

The rest is horrible . Where did they get that rear spoiler from ? Halfords ! Not convinced by the size of some of those shutlines either

Oh and it must be an abject lesson in how to make a car that you cant see out of . Lots of car sick kids on the school run . But hey its cool .

Having said all that it will sell like hotcakes .

22 September 2010

I think it looks great, a bit impractical perhaps but it never hurt coupes to be impractical. Reminds me of the Audi Steppenwolf concept of a few years back.

Really bold design and the interior is better than i expected too.

Glad they went ahead with the 3 door and didnt water down the idea with a 5 door as they did before with the rangestormer/sport. Land Rover can always add a 5 door later of course.

Good that 4wd is optional too, although i guarantee the knives will be out for it with many on this forum in short order.

22 September 2010

Looking at the pictures I can't see any Land Rover badges on the Evoque. Probably suggests that JLR has taken the decision to make Range Rover a brand rather than a model and have 2 distinct, but related, parallel 4x4 line ups which is what effectively we have now, but all under the Land Rover banner i.e. Range Rover Sport/Discovery and Range Rover Evoque/Freelander.


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