Range Rover's new Evoque, revealed in full production form and in full detail in our studio pictures today, is unlikely to appeal to Land Rover die-hards. In truth, it was never meant to.

But spend five minutes in the same room as the thing and it's a struggle to not be impressed by how the LRX concept, the star of the show in Detroit last year, has been transformed (or should that be maintained?) into a car that we'll all be able to buy next year.

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There are a few tiny differences, of course – there's a little plastic lip that's clearly part of the wheelarch liner fastening, and the reversing camera sticks out a bit at the rear. It's not likely to be cheap, either. But if you saw the LRX and wanted it, you'll still want the Evoque.

Land Rover boss Phil Popham is being a little bold, perhaps, when he says the Evoque could kick-start a new market segment in the same manner as the original Range Rover. But it certainly opens up an exciting, potentially lucrative seam of sales, bringing the brand to people who simply wouldn't have considered it before.

It's all down to the dogged persistence of design chief Gerry McGovern – and a crafty, inspired engineering team who overcame numerous challenges to make the LRX's vision a reality.

Now, when can we drive it?