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Nissan’s ongoing range expansion won’t include a people carrier; rumours of a newly titled Micra replacement also quashed by company sources

Nissan has no plans to introduce a conventional MPV into its expanding model line-up.

The Japanese manufacturer has recently bolstered its range with the Pulsar hatchback, as well as new versions of the big-selling Qashqai and more rugged X-trail.

However, a company spokesperson told Autocar that traditional people carriers struggled to offer the blend of practicality and interest buyers sought.

“Our new X-trail does the job very well,” said the spokesperson. “People love the design and it seats seven.”

Nissan has also played down speculation that its Micra model would be replaced by a new car with a different name when it comes up for renewal in 2016. 

“That’s not my understanding,” the spokesperson told Autocar. “Micra remains an integral part of the line-up going forward.”

The Nissan source would not be drawn on whether the next iteration of the Micra would be dramatically different from the current, fourth-generation supermini. Production of the next iteration of the European Micra is set to switch from India to France.

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A34 5 August 2014

XTrail versus MPVs

I think that might be an ambition, but Nissan should consider that even a Touran, CMax, Zafira Tourer, 5008 or Grand Picasso comes with more powerful motor options (for pulling around 7 filled seats) whereas the XTrail has but a 1.6 DCi lump. Then again having a 4x4 (faux or otherwise) for the school run is probably going to be a winner!
Shrub 5 August 2014

Saw a new Xtrail on Saturday

and I liked it a lot, all apart from the hideous clear plastic back light covers that look like an after market replacement. Why do the Japanese in particular persist with such tacky cheapening detailing on otherwise high quality cars? The Qashqai has tasteful rear light covers, I notice.