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One engine, two trim levels at launch

The Nissan Cube will cost from £14,000 when it goes on sale in January.

The car will initially be available with just one engine choice and in two trim levels.

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The engine is a 108bhp 1.6-litre petrol unit, which can be mated to a manual or CVT gearbox. Nissan's 1.5-litre diesel will be added to the range in May.

The basic trim level is called Cube, and will include a glass roof, rear privacy glass and Bluetooth and cruise control. The higher Kaizen trim costs from £15,100, and adds an upgraded audio and navigation system, a rear parking camera and climate control.

The first 100 Cubes will be 'LDN' special editions, finished in a special brown colour with a matching suede interior. Priced from £14,600, standard kit will include climate control, rain sensing wipers and auto headlamps.

As with the Mini, Nissan will offer customers numerous personalisation options for their Cube, including exterior graphics.

Nissan has predicted relatively low sales of just 2000 Cubes a year in the UK.

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nissantrader 4 December 2009

Re: Nissan Cube from £14,000

theonlydt wrote:
It is based on the Micra. It uses the Renault B plaftorm (FWD), just in a stretched format.

oh i see i thought you me meant kind of a micra with a different body (micra dash etc)

quite right then, carry on as you were.

i'll get me coat : )

Lee23404 4 December 2009

Re: Nissan Cube from £14,000

I really like this. I probably wouldn't buy one but I applaud Nissan for bringing out such an individual car.

Shame they haven't kept the front bench seat though for UK models.

theonlydt 4 December 2009

Re: Nissan Cube from £14,000

nissantrader wrote:
and just for the record its not based on a micra, its a lot bigger you could fit a micra inside it.

It is based on the Micra. It uses the Renault B plaftorm (FWD), just in a stretched format. That platform underpins the Clio, Micra, Versa, Cube etc, just in some of them they've stretched it a bit!

I too think £14k is a bit steep, but they're only aiming to sell 2000 of them. I'd go with £12k being a fair price given the space inside (it's really quite spacious as the platform is stretched and they've done the whole "upright seats trick").

However, the special edition sounds like "tan and taupe" dinner jacket sets from the 70s that bring a little bit of sick to the back of my throat.

I'm pleased Nissan have brought it over. It's nice to have something different. I've said before that I won't buy it and that mechanically there's something special about it, but there should be a place for it on the UKs roads.