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Honda's next generation Civic has been spied testing in Germany

Honda’s next-generation Civic has been spied during early development testing in Germany.

Originally due this year, but delayed until late next year after a rethink, the new Civic is said to be lighter and more economical than the car it replaces, in line with Honda’s new strategy.

See the first pics of the next-generation Honda Civic in testing

Following the economic downturn, Honda CEO Takanobu Ito ordered a complete re-evaluation of Honda's plans, killing its V8 and rear-wheel-drive programmes and demanding revamps of all existing designs.

Ito has not identified a target launch date for the new Civic, but said: "The team is struggling. We are injecting more manpower to meet our target."

European models will have petrol, diesel and hybrid power; the latter will use next-gen lithium ion batteries to increase range and improve performance.

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Arcord 7 August 2010

Re: Next Honda Civic: first pics

well...certainly a lot to see :D

nopiano 7 August 2010

Re: Next Honda Civic: first pics

I also have the 2.2 diesel as a co car, but it's an EX 5 door so the seats are OK. Though I'm tall I find them comfy with just enough legroom. Agree about the crashy ride and nose-heavy cornering. Someone once described it being like a hammer in weight distribution; I thought that was clever! I still think it looks fresh so the revamp will need to be good. Must admit I'd happily have a rear wiper, not for driving when it self-clears, but for morning starts on chilly or wets days. I hope the magic seats and huge boot will remain, though the boot will suffer if indy suspension is fitted. Engine is terrific too, and now at 28,000 miles it's averaging 47mpg and much more flexible than when new.

Addy Go Fast 4 August 2010

Re: Next Honda Civic: first pics

every thing you say is right wrote:

Looks like they bottled it with the rear wiper. A shame - It doesn't need it. All the current model really wants apart from styling updates is:

1, A diet. Losing 200kg should do it. No mean feat i'm sure but the peaky Vtec might be more fun then.

2, Front seats that don't lose their memory if you tilt them to get in the back. The current design is unforgivable on any car made after 1975.

3, Better interior materials for the dash and console plus more attention to detail generally (door handles, fuel cap, spot lamp covers, paint thickness).

4, Suspension. Other manufacturers use torsion beams at the back and they seem to manage. It's hard to believe this is from the same company that redefined supercar refinement with the NSX.

I've had a 2.2 Type S (company car) for a few weeks and I agree with you on some of your points. In particular the seat memory which is indeed UNFORGIVEABLE!! That has to be the most irritating thing on the whole car. Everytime you get in in the morning, you realise you shouldn't have tilted the seat to get that bag out the night before! And it's even worse for the front passenger if they let someone in as they end up bolt upright next to me and are too polite to ask if there's something wrong with it! Bless.

You do notice the torsion beam, but for me what really affects the handling is the heavy diesel engine. I have driven the 1.8i petrol before and you could throw it around anywhere, this one I don't have the same confidence. Hopefully the new front tyres this week will change that opinion.

I wouldn't change the diesel engine for many others though! It costs less on company car tax than the 143CR VW engine which I was very surprised at. And yes OK it's not as quiet as an A3 diesel but I don't find it overbearing and I love listening to the turbo whoosh with the windows up. Furthermore, it's got so much torque that for the first few drives you can't quite believe it's got so much shove!

The ride is firm though on Type S suspension and I can see how that would bother some...