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Honda CEO reveals plans for several new models over the next 10 years
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20 July 2010

Honda is to take “prompt action” against increased market demand for smaller, more environmentally friendly cars by launching several new models over the next 10 years.

In his annual mid-year speech, CEO Takanobu Ito said Honda had reached a stage where it needed a new strategy if it was to remain competitive in established and emerging markets.

His plans include “multiple” models offered with Honda’s IMA hybrid system, a new plug-in hybrid vehicle for the US and Japan in 2012, electric cars on sale by 2012 and further development of its FCX Clarity hydrogen vehicle.

Ito said Honda must “provide good products to our customers with speed, affordability and low CO2 emissions”.

“Consumer preference has quickly shifted towards smaller sized vehicles in every market around the world,” said Ito. “Honda must quickly respond to such changes in the times to achieve further growth and expansion in the future.”

There will be a “widespread market introduction” of models equipped with IMA in Japan within the next year to sit alongside the Insight and CR-Z. These models will mainly be “small-sized” vehicles; the Fit (Jazz) hybrid will be launched this autumn.

Honda has also confirmed the next-generation Civic Hybrid will be the first Honda to use a lithium-ion battery pack, rather than the nickel-metal hydride pack previously seen on its hybrid models.

Honda’s first plug-in hybrid car will launch in Japan and the US in 2012 and this model is currently under development. Ito said plug-in hybrids were one of several hybrid technologies Honda was planning for its production cars.

Despite Ito’s claims that “there are still some issues that need to be addressed such as range and recharging time”, Honda will still start to launch electric cars in 2012.

The first electric Honda will launch in the US and Japan in 2012 and it would then “further advance [EVs] and accelerate their more widespread introduction to the market in the next 10 years”.

Despite the shift towards electric and hybrid vehicles, the firm still intends to further develop petrol and diesel engines.

A new range of Honda petrol engines with improved performance, consumption and emissions will launch in Europe in 2012 alongside a new range of transmissions.

It is also developing a new smaller diesel engine to sit below its current 2.2-litre unit and this will be launched in Europe in 2012.

Honda still believes its hydrogen fuel cell-powered FCX Clarity “will provide the ultimate mobility” in the future and is working on further technological advancements in this field, along with hydrogen refuelling systems.

Several new models are planned for emerging markets that will also be locally built to improve cost effectiveness. A new sub-£7000 small car will be launched in India next year, while Thailand will also get an “eco-car with an excellent level of fuel economy” in 2011. This model will be exported to other emerging nations, too.

Ito believes this new business model will allow Honda to “strengthen its business in emerging nations” and “strengthen the competitiveness of Honda’s small-size vehicles”.


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20 July 2010

I hope they get it right this time. They showed us the stunning FCX concept and then sold us the poor Insult, sorry Insight thingy.

Honda has lost the plot recently with a not much improved Jazz/Fit replacement that didn't move the game any further forward.

The Civic USA saloon version is a nice, non-exciting steady car and the hatchback version is just too " off the wall " for most. The contrast of these two versions of what is supposed to be the same car is a clear example of how they've lost the plot.

The Acura version of the Accord is another visual embarrassment.

Come on Honda, get your act together before Subaru wipe the floor with you !

20 July 2010

I agree that Honda's recent offerings have been underwhelming. I had high hopes for their Insight, but when it came out it was dog ugly and the fuel economy wasn't nearly as good as the Prius'. I'm hoping when they release the hybrid Fit/Jazz in Japan this fall they are able to preserve the fun character of the current Fit but improve the fuel economy. On the US test cycle the 1.5L Fit is rated at an unimpressive 33 mpg hwy, just two mpg higher than the full-sized Honda Accord 2.4L!

20 July 2010

Honda would need to get cracking on this very soon.Lesbert is right in his comments on the Civic models.they are too chalk and cheese.The other issues are the engines in the Civic and Accord.These models should have smaller capacity diesel engines.i mean who starts with a 2.2 D nowadays.sort ride and handling and get someone to actually design the interiors,not just throw a collection of switches and a steering to make a dashboard.rant over............for now!!!!!!

20 July 2010

My issue with the current Jazz/Fit is almost purely based on refinement. The road noise is dreadful, the suspension is still a bit too clonky and the seats feel very cheap. Honda seem completely unable to produce a car that filters out road noise. I would love to see Honda produce the Jazz as a decent hybrid (and keep the seating arrangements as they are now). The Insight was a shocker - the poorer fuel consumption would be fine compared to the Prius, as its a cheaper hybrid system, ir the rest of the car stood up comparison with mainstream cars.

I remember a couple of years ago we discussed how Honda could produce a smaller capacity diesel and how they desperately needed one - consensus was that they should at least try lopping a cylinder off the 2.2d, shorten the stroke slightly and see how the result turned out!

20 July 2010

HONDA IN INDIA is also loosing its plot,their recently offering jazz[too expensive] is just selling in few,and the new skoda superb has also taken the best sellers crown in entry level luxury car by honda accord[us model] and honda is in buisness in india bcoz of th HONDA CITY model,which selling quite well.HEY GUYS HOW IS SKODA SERVING IN LONDON,DO THEY SELL MORE THAN HONDAS,AND WHIH BRAND IS CONSIDERED MORE SUPIRIOR IN TODAYS DATE

20 July 2010

If this is Honda's future I'm taking the bus.

20 July 2010

[quote Zeddy]

If this is Honda's future I'm taking the bus.

[/quote]count me in too!!!!

20 July 2010

Honda has steadily worked itself to having the most dullest model line up in the industry, the likes of Hyundai, Skoda have more exciting models.

This used to be a company that used to have the likes of Prelude, Integra, Accord & Civic Type Rs, CRX, NSX, S2000 its showrooms

I understand the whole eco jargon, but thats no excuse for making such average and overpriced cars.

21 July 2010

[quote Autocar]Honda is to take “prompt action” against increased market demand for smaller, more environmentally friendly cars by launching several new models over the next 10 years.

Good idea, although the cream coloured EVN looks a bit like it was designed by the same person as Postman Pat's van.

Small cars do make sense, particularly when they're the size that many drivers actually need, even without the savings in fuel, emissions and road tax. Some people, however, will insist on big cars as a status symbol, which is their right. I'd rather have a clear conscience and will look forward to the exciting small cars that are coming in the next few years.

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