Swedish firm wants to take on BMW with its all-new saloon
10 November 2009

Volvo’s new S60 will go on sale next September after its launch at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The firm has taken the unusual step of releasing pictures of the car four months ahead of the its launch, a move which is understood to be related to the announcement by Ford that Chinese car maker Geely is in the frame to buy Volvo.

See the hi-res pics of the new Volvo S60

The new car is very similar to the S60 Concept, retaining the low, coupe-style roof line. The front end, in particular, is nearly identical – only small changes to the shape of the lights and a higher bonnet line differentiate the production car.

Volvo hasn’t issued any pictures of the interior, but the car will use a productionised version of the concept’s cabin, with the same dashboard shape. The concept’s cantilevered rear-hinged rear doors have been replaced by conventional items.

Underneath the bodyshell the S60 is based on the Ford EUCD platform that is also used by the current Mondeo. Volvo is promising that the S60 will be the “sportiest and most dynamic Volvo ever,” and the project’s engineers are understood to have been working on the driveability of the S60 since the project’s inception.

A Volvo source said that the firm knew the previous car couldn't match the likes of the 3-series and the C-class, and that to successfully compete with these rivals driver appeal is crucial.

Unlike the previous S60, the new car is more conventionally sized to give Volvo a true rival for the likes of the BMW 3-series. The old car was awkwardly-sized between a 3-series and 5-series, and was based on a cut-down V70 platform, although it was a sales success in the first few years of the car’s life. There was no estate version, either, but expect the new S60 to get an estate variant in 2011.

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Volvo S60
The Volvo S60 is offered with an impressive new D4 diesel engine

An all-new diesel engine aims to give the S60 saloon class-leading stats

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The car will also be the first Volvo to be available with the firm’s new Pedestrian Detection technology, which can “see” pedestrians in the road and automatically apply the brakes to stop the car if the driver doesn’t react quickly enough.

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10 November 2009

This thing sure looks awful in these pictures. I thought the S40 was supposed to rival the 3 series and the S60 was supposed to rival the 5 Series? Did I get it all wrong and Volvo just has a classy lineup? Weird story.

10 November 2009

If you took the badge off the front, then this would look like a generic Chinese -produced Lexus alike. With a melted nose. The side profile looks quite taut and sporty, but that nose is awful.

10 November 2009

This is the Look Volvo needs to get away from that Mommy Near Luxury Image they have here in America. Let Hyundai and Buick make that kind of Near Luxury stuff in this market.

Volvo would be better as an upper tier luxury make, and with Hyundai and Buicks Prices compared to Volvo's current product line Volvo cant compete on the low end of Luxury.

10 November 2009

Its got a face liked a smacked arse.

10 November 2009

The article states that there was never an estate version of the old S60 but there actually was - the V70. You eluded to this when you said the car was on the same platform. The two cars had almost identical styling and basically yhe same interior and engine line up.

I used to have one of the old S60's and although the handling was poor, the car was an absolute joy to drive. Superbly comfortable, great build quality, fantastic stereo. A real cruiser.

This new model looks pretty awful in my opinion. Especially in that hideous colour.

10 November 2009

The concept looked fabulous. This looks strange. The rear end looks too short and the wave in part of the side profile looks a bit wrong. Perhaps the designers sabotaged it when they heard Geely was going to buy Volvo. Makes the first-gen S60 look like a classic.

10 November 2009

Er I am going to be contrary here cause I love it . It looks great to me . I like it because it isnt angular.

One big question though will Geely be able to use the current engine range if it buys Volvo as they use Ford derived engines at present which is no bad thing in my book. Or are they Volvo derived engines used by ford ?

Come to think about it what engines go into what car brands is getting very confusing these days.

Is it not true to say a certain 1.6 petrol is used by BMW Mini Ford Peugeot and Citroen see what I mean ! Dunno whether Volvo use it too? Probably !

10 November 2009

I like it too, although I preferred the original, which I had for 3 happy, faultless years. As someone said above, the V70 WAS the S60 estate as both cars from the B pillar forward were virtually identical (albeit a slightly less sporty grille on the V70!).

The "awkward" size as they called the original S60 actually was great 'cos it gave it the extra interior width that made it feel very spacious up front. Clearly Peter Horbury was Volvo's best stylist, hence they've brought him back. When (or if..) Volvo is sold to Geely, I wonder if Horbury will stay..

10 November 2009

“sportiest and most dynamic Volvo ever,”

Oh God, translated this means, "will ride like a surf board". Perhaps the logic goes like this: people buy loads more Audis than Volvos > Audis have dampers carved from wood > people like cars with lousy ride quality.

10 November 2009

[quote androo]and the wave in part of the side profile looks a bit wrong[/quote]

Yes, it looks very wrong - like the item on the Audi A5 or the one on the Renault Laguna which doesn't seem to know in which direction it should be going! I was a great fan of Horbury's original work for Volvo but he seems to be falling into the same old trap of over-doing new designs.


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