Currently reading: New Toyota Corolla Commercial is UK-built hybrid van
Cargo-carrying hatchback gets 1.8-litre hybrid powertrain and will cost around £22,134

Toyota has revealed a new van variant of the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports which, which is claimed to be the first hybrid van in its segment.

The model is powered by a 1.8-litre hybrid powertrain using the same electrification and self-charging technology as the standard Corolla. 

“With its full hybrid powertrain, Corolla Commercial will give customers an exceptionally versatile vehicle that can be driven with zero emissions and fuel consumption during short urban runs while also giving the freedom to make longer journeys without the need for battery recharging,” said Mark Roden, Toyota Operations Director.

“Toyota’s hybrid technology has well-proven reliability and delivers day-to-day savings on running costs with its fuel efficiency. It’s a unique addition to the Toyota Professional range and the wider LCV market and we’re confident it will attract strong interest,” Roden said. 

Performance, specification details and load-carrying capacity will be announced when orders open later this year, but Toyota says the model will cost around £22,134 with a towing capacity of 750kg.

The firm also confirmed a combined fuel economy figure of between 55.3mpg and 62.7mpg, with an emissions output of between 102g/km and 115g/km. 

The Corolla Commercial will go on sale in summer 2022, and will be built at the firm’s Barnaston plant in Derbyshire. The model will also be sold in the UK before any other market.


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superstevie 31 August 2021

@nimmer I have a company car, and it annoys me that I get hammered on tax for using a tool for work. I can do over 400 miles in a day sometimes, and I need to carry lots of equipment with me to do my job. I do get personal use of it, but rarely do so. Think I average about 10 miles a month personal miles vs 1500 business. Having a standard van is not something I would want to do this job in. Sure they are lots more comfortable than they used to be, but they can't beat a comfortable car (currently have a Mk7 Golf Estate). This would be perfect for what I use my company car for, as I explained below. I would pay less tax and still be in something that is a lot more comfortable than a regular van.

nimmler 31 August 2021

these blanked rear window road cars with no rear seats is nothing more than a tax dodge

LP in Brighton 31 August 2021

Great idea as a way of providing a tax efficient company car. I wonder how long before they are all at it?  Also would be interesting to know what the legal position was if a user was to install rear seats and belts to convert it back into a car?