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The new MG 5 has been pictured 18 months before it is due to go on sale in the UK
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17 January 2012

These latest spy pictures show an undisguised version of the new MG 5, which is expected to go on sale in China in the middle of next year and reach Europe in 2013.

The images, from, are the clearest indicators yet of the new MG 5’s styling. It closely resembles the Focus-size Concept 5 hatchback displayed at the Shanghai motor show earlier this year.

See pictures of the new MG 5

Concept 5 was the work of MG’s Longbridge design studio and the show car itself was built in the UK. The production version of the Concept 5 is codenamed AP12 and rides on a version of the 350 platform MG shares with Chinese partner Roewe. A torsion beam rear suspension setup has been rumoured.

By the time of its UK launch, the MG 5's dynamics and some aspects of its design will have been reworked to suit European tastes. It will initially be powered by the existing NSE petrol engine range of 1.3 and 1.8-litre engines.

The MG 5 is designed to slot beneath the slightly larger MG 6 that went on sale in the UK last year. Read our road test of the MG 6 here.

The car's appearance will bolster the manufacturer’s range and, with the MG 3, take the brand back into the UK market’s heartland. At the Shanghai show earlier this year, MG and Roewe design director Tony Williams-Kenny said MG is being pitched as “youthful, on trend and progressive”.

The MG 5 is part of a raft of planned new models that include an all-new sports car, a hybrid and a crossover version of the MG 3.

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21 November 2011

It's a sector of the market MG certainly needs to re-enter - it did well with the old ZS, despite the age of the Rover 400/45 when the ZS derivative arrived.

And after the MG6 (which I find really rather good looking - shapely, uncluttered, appealing), I was looking forward to seeing the MG5.

But ... oh ... that back end! I guess it'll be very colour-senstive and might (hopefully) look better in the 'flesh'. If not, I'll now be looking forward to the MG3 instead...


21 November 2011

[quote Autocar]reach Europe in 2013.

I am sure the European car manufacturers are quaking in their boots...

Piece of Chinese Junk...excuse the pun!

21 November 2011

[quote Paul123]But ... oh ... that back end![/quote] +1 it looks like a Fiat Stilo that has melted!

21 November 2011

I just don't think it currently looks good enough and the engines are not that competitive either. Is far too Chinese looking and not enough European flair

Must try harder!

21 November 2011

[quote Fake Elvis] it looks like a Fiat Stilo that has melted![/quote]

I was thinking melting Toyota Auris, but yours works too.

Not great by any means. And unless it's a stopgap car, i wouldn't bother bringing it to Europe.

21 November 2011

It's good to see MG pushing forward with new models such as the 5.

I can see elements of Alfa in the nose the result being a well focused face. The rear oddly echos the current Avensis Estate (if memory serves) with rounded edges - the angle of the shot isn't the most flattering.

It's difficult to tell how well these elements integrate. However the 5 and 6 are two of the most European looking designs to be developed by a Chinese manufacturer and that's great news for MG. I think both will blend well into the automotive landscape and hope the fit and finish will meet ever increasing customer expectations.

21 November 2011

It looks.... okay.... but that's about it.

It's the choice of engines that worries me still. They need more than a 1.3 and (I assume) a blown 1.8 petrol to make this range work in Europe.

21 November 2011

The front end is sportyish....the rear just looks like they've melted the new i40 estate and slapped a MG badge on it

21 November 2011

[quote crazyal]The front end is sportyish....the rear just looks like they've melted the new i40 estate and slapped a MG badge on it[/quote] This would have been the car to start with, the MG6 was just to rough round the edges,seemed to drive well, but build and interior issues let it down, not to mention the price, the lack of engine choice, no Diesel at launch (yes, Prodigy i remembered you!) , and Prodigy, as your getting hitched and maybe a bambino on the horizon and possibly having to give up the Coffin nails.....the MG5 might be up your street...literally!!!! LOL.

21 November 2011

with looks like that its gonna find it hard to attrack customers, front end looks like they haven't quite finished yet, & the rear...well what can i say, i can't recall seeing such an awful rear, could be a melted Volvo!


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