Pictures show new car winter testing; on sale late 2010

These spy pictures show the new Mercedes CLS, which will be launched later this year.

The E-class based car will retain its coupe like roofline, but take styling cues from the E-class for its bumpers, the SLS's upright grille, and the more angular lights that are becoming a feature of the Mercedes range.

See the Mercedes CLS spy pictures

Mercedes deign chief Gorden Wagener told Autocar at the Detroit motor show that the firm wants to take its future designs to a more artistic level.

"We want to elevate our design towards art and if any company can do it Mercedes can," he said.

A Mercedes CLS sculpture was shown at this year's Detroit motor show, and will be followed up by a more traditional concept car at the Geneva motor show next month.

The concept will also show Wagener’s new design philosophy for Mercedes.

"My goal is to make Mercedes the most beautiful car in the world, but also to give them style," Wagener said.

Wagener has also fuelled rumours that the next CLS will be joined by an estate model, but said that it would be more in the guise of a four-door shooting brake, not a all-out wagon.

"I like the idea of bringing back a shooting brake and there would be room for such a concept. And if we did do it, it would be the most stunning car in its sector," he said.

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Photos: Carpix/Carparazzi

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Jon Hardcastle 26 February 2010

Re: New Mercedes CLS spied

All I get when I click on te link for the pictures is the 599? I never thought Merc copied others even down to the little Ferrari badge on the front.

nosha 26 February 2010

Re: New Mercedes CLS spied

It isn't what the final car will look like. I think we should reserve judgement. When the first prototype was launched for the original CLS I hated it. People were commenting on it looking like a Nissan Almera etc. Then on the road it cut a stunning image. I bought one, ran it for 3 years and it drew glances everywhere it went. Metallic Black with polished multispoke AMGs but no AMG bodykit. It was a beaut and I miss driving it. All this nonsense about the Jaguar XF and beauty and grace. It's just a glammed up Mondeo and not a patch on a CLS. I pray the new one is just as good. Remember, when the CLS created this niche, the industry was laughing, now everyone is trying to get in on the act and Jaguar are even marketing the XF saloon as a sports coupe. They are not perfect and have had problems in recent years but Mercedes lead like no other manufacturer and have done so since 1886!

dennisthemenance 16 February 2010

Re: New Mercedes CLS spied

Why would I want a CLS in my driveway? I would have prefer an S-class simply because is a much better looking & a more practical car to have as it does not a low roof which hampers headroom. To me the CLS is a neither here nor there car. You can't exactly call it a sport car neither can you call it a saloon.