Currently reading: New Mercedes-Benz operating system gets bespoke Google mapping
New MB.OS will feature on both new EV and ICE models; will play key role in autonomous driving

Mercedes-Benz will become the first car maker to have its own bespoke Google mapping, as part of its upcoming MB.OS operating system that's due to arrive late next year.

The new chip-to-cloud architecture, planned to be launched on new electric and ICE models based on the upcoming Mercedes Modular Architecture platform, will first appear on the new third-generation Mercedes-Benz CLA.

It will provide what company CEO Ola Källenius described as “exceptional software capabilities”, including access to new embedded Google-derived maps and services.

“We made the decision to be the architects of our own operating system," he said. "By combining this in-house expertise with a selection of partners, we will create an outstanding customer experience, from driving assistance, navigation and entertainment to integrated charging. MB.OS will feature full upgradeability and constant improvements."

While Mercedes-Benz has conceived, designed and will produce the new architecture, its ability to integrate applications from third parties will allow customers to choose their own services, content and functions.

The partnership with Google will lead to Mercedes becoming the first car maker to develop its own branded sat-nav based on in-car data and navigation capabilities from the Google Maps platform.

“This will give Mercedes-Benz access to Google’s real-time and predictive traffic information, automatic rerouting and more,” Källenius said.

As well as partnering with Google, Mercedes has confirmed that it's pursuing further collaborations with leading software and hardware companies in order to ensure efficient development and rapid scaling of MB.OS.

Among the key development aims of the new operating system is improved smartphone mirroring and region-specific content, including music, video, gaming and office applications.

MB.OS will also play a crucial role in the planned introduction of new level-two autonomous driving functions tailored to urban driving, as well as a new level-three functions capable of operating at speeds to 130kph (81mpg), both featuring machine-learning capabilities.

Among the partners for the new autonomous driving functions is Nvidia, which provides its software, data and artificial intelligence expertise and its Orin system-on-chip hardware. It also collaborates with Luminar for new light-detection and lidar sensors.

A partnership with YouTube will allow drivers to view video content on the infotainment while using the level-three Drive Pilot autonomous driving system in countries where it's permitted.


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Further collaborations have been forged with Antstream for in-car gaming as well as Webex and Zoom for in-car video conferencing.

With full integration with electric drive systems, MB.OS is also claimed to provide more accurate range and energy-usage predictions for EVs.

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Deputy 23 February 2023

(I do wish people like Greg would add their inputs and not just cut and paste press releases, ChatGPT could do that  even better!).   Is this actually just MB adding Google maps (already done by many)?  Manufacturers are making a song and dance about all these intelligent features which we already have by using Carplay or AndroidAuto, they are just trying to justify their very expensive infotainment options!

xxxx 22 February 2023

And so it begins, google getting it's claws into your car space. Few years time you'll be faced with adverts on your screens, you'll be tracked and half the crap in todays cars won't work unless you pay the monthly subscroption. 

jason_recliner 22 February 2023

If you carry a phone they're already tracking you.

xxxx 23 February 2023

I've neither a google phone or Apple phone, so they don't, plus it's not just big corpations tracking you that's a problem

jason_recliner 24 February 2023
Not sure that's true. Even if you have a 'dumb phone' Google may be tracking your phone signal.
DaliaNyomi 22 February 2023

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